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    Keep Calm and Carry On: Scaling Your Org with MicroservicesSREcon17 AmericasCharity Majors, Bridget Kromhout
    Every Day Is Monday in OperationsSREcon17 AmericasBenjamin Purgason
    Observability in the Cambrian Stack EraSREcon17 AmericasCharity Majors
    Traps and CookiesSREcon17 AmericasTanya Reilly
    So You Want to Be a WizardSREcon17 AmericasJulia Evans
    Splicing SRE DNA Sequences in the Biggest Software Company on the PlanetSREcon16 EuropeGreg Veith
    Load Shedding—Approaches, Principles, Experiences, and Impact in Service ManagementSREcon16 EuropeAcacio Cruz
    The Production Engineering Lifecycle: How We Build, Run, and Disband Great Reliability-focused TeamsSREcon16 EuropeAndrew Ryan
    Flash Sale EngineeringSREcon16 EuropeEmil Stolarsky
    Leading a Team with ValuesSREcon16 EuropeRich Archbold
    Managing Up and Sideways as an SRESREcon16 EuropeLiz Fong-Jones
    How to Improve Your Service by Roasting ItSREcon16 EuropeJake Welch
    Capacity Planning at ScaleSREcon16 EuropeRamón Medrano Llamas
    Tier1 MetamorphosesSREcon16 EuropeNina Mushiana
    Doorman: Global Distributed Client Side Rate LimitingSREcon16 EuropeJos Visser
    Incident Response @ FB, Facebook's SEV ProcessSREcon16 EuropeGareth Eason
    The Many Ways Your Monitoring Is Lying to YouSREcon16 EuropeSebastian Kirsch
    Production Improvement Review: Taking a Bite Out of Repair DebtSREcon16 EuropeMartin Check
    Next-generation Alerting and Fault DetectionSREcon16 EuropeDieter Plaetinck
    The Next Linux Superpower: eBPF PrimerSREcon16 EuropeSasha Goldshtein
    The Structure and Interpretation of GraphsSREcon16 EuropeNiall Murphy
    The Virtuous Cycle: Getting Good Things out of Bad FailuresSREcon16 EuropeJoy Scharmen
    Alerting for Distributed Systems—A Tale of Symptoms and Causes, Signals and NoiseSREcon16 EuropeBjörn Rabenstein
    Challenges of Machine Learning at ScaleSREcon16 EuropeGraham Poulter
    Panel: OncallSREcon16 EuropeLaura Nolan