The SRE I Aspire to Be

Wednesday, 2019, October 2 - 09:0009:45

Yaniv Aknin, Google Cloud


Yaniv Aknin dives into the secret sauce for a successful SRE organization: high-quality measurements of reliability. He explains why measuring reliability is crucial (and why it’s so hard), shares a couple of tips for getting it right, and explores why it’s the key differentiator between SRE and DevOps.

Yaniv Aknin, Google Cloud

Yaniv Aknin is Google Cloud Platform’s lead for quantitative reliability. He works with product managers, developers, and fellow SREs to create availability and performance metrics that accurately model customers’ experience, then optimizes those metrics toward the right reliability/cost point. He’s been an SRE with Google since 2013, working on network infrastructure and several parts of the Google Cloud Platform. He has over two decades’ experience solving business problems in corporate, early startup, government, and nonprofit organizations. Outside of work, he enjoys travel, food, improv theater, and pop-sci, especially behavioral economics.

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