USENIX Annual Fund

Open access to research provides the widest possible dissemination. Analysis of open access publications demonstrates that they are more widely cited than other publications. USENIX’s open access initiative ensures that our authors’ work gets the widest publication possible and provides a wealth of research material for the greater computing community.”
— Margo Seltzer, USENIX Board President, 2013

Many USENIX supporters have joined us in recognizing the importance of open access over the years. We are thrilled to see many more folks speaking out about this issue every day. If you also believe that research should remain open and available to all, you can help. With a tax-deductible donation to the USENIX Annual Fund, you can show that you value our Open Access Policy and all our programs that champion diversity and innovation.

We created the USENIX Annual Fund to supplement our annual budget so that our commitment to open access and our other good works programs can continue into the next generation. In addition to supporting open access, your donation to the Annual Fund will help support:

  • USENIX Grant Program for Students and Underrepresented Groups
    Students and other individuals from underrepresented groups who wish to gain insider knowledge, receive hands-on training, and start a career network are strongly encouraged to attend a USENIX conference. Grants are available for travel, accommodations, and fees. In 2012, we were able to fulfill only 63% of such requests. An additional $222,000 per year would allow us to satisfy all requests.
  • Special Conference Pricing and Reduced Membership Dues for Students
    In addition to grants, USENIX also offers students significantly reduced fees for conference registration and membership. At USENIX, we believe that by encouraging the younger generation, we are protecting the future of advanced computing. An additional $188,000 per year will help us not only continue to offer the discounted rates, but also will allow us to assist a greater number of students.
  • Women in Advanced Computing (WiAC) Initiative and Networking Events
    USENIX events serve as a meeting place for technical women and men to discuss the challenges women face as computer science professionals. We encourage members of the community to join our WiAC Facebook group and attend the many WiAC-related panels (e.g., at LISA '13), Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions, and invited talks that are held at our conferences.
  • Updating and Improving Our Digital Library
    We spend over $150,000 per year to provide the public with free access to the videos and papers presented at our conferences. In addition, improving library searchability and securing indefinite data storage are top milestones for the organization. Your financial support can help us achieve these goals. 

A community of collaborators, USENIX began in 1975 as the original UNIX users group. It has since evolved to become the Advanced Computer Systems Association, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. A small staff serves the membership, organizes the conferences, produces the publications, and maintains the website. All conference program committees consist of volunteers so that USENIX is able to operate with minimal administrative costs.

Each day we’re working hard to update our free digital library, provide diversity grants, reach out to students on college campuses, set up networking events, and more. With your help, USENIX can continue to offer these programs—and expand our offerings—in support of the many communities within advanced computing that we are so happy to serve. Join us! 

Questions? Check out the Annual Fund FAQ.

Want to mail or fax in your donation? See the printable donation form (PDF).

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