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    USENIX Security '21Express: Lowering the Cost of Metadata-hiding Communication with Cryptographic Privacy
    USENIX Security '21Forecasting Malware Capabilities From Cyber Attack Memory Images
    USENIX Security '21DRMI: A Dataset Reduction Technology based on Mutual Information for Black-box Attacks
    USENIX Security '21SWIFT: Super-fast and Robust Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
    USENIX Security '21Privacy-Preserving and Standard-Compatible AKA Protocol for 5G
    USENIX Security '21SEApp: Bringing Mandatory Access Control to Android Apps
    USENIX Security '21DICE*: A Formally Verified Implementation of DICE Measured Boot
    USENIX Security '21Research on the Security of Visual Reasoning CAPTCHA
    USENIX Security '21SmarTest: Effectively Hunting Vulnerable Transaction Sequences in Smart Contracts through Language Model-Guided Symbolic Execution
    USENIX Security '21GForce: GPU-Friendly Oblivious and Rapid Neural Network Inference
    USENIX Security '21Acoustics to the Rescue: Physical Key Inference Attack Revisited
    USENIX Security '21YARIX: Scalable YARA-based Malware Intelligence
    USENIX Security '21DOLMA: Securing Speculation with the Principle of Transient Non-Observability
    USENIX Security '21Fantastic Four: Honest-Majority Four-Party Secure Computation With Malicious Security
    USENIX Security '21Locally Differentially Private Analysis of Graph Statistics
    USENIX Security '21EOSAFE: Security Analysis of EOSIO Smart Contracts
    USENIX Security '21Blitz: Secure Multi-Hop Payments Without Two-Phase Commits
    USENIX Security '21Messy States of Wiring: Vulnerabilities in Emerging Personal Payment Systems
    USENIX Security '21A11y and Privacy don't have to be mutually exclusive: Constraining Accessibility Service Misuse on Android
    USENIX Security '21Weaponizing Middleboxes for TCP Reflected Amplification
    USENIX Security '21Swiped: Analyzing Ground-truth Data of a Marketplace for Stolen Debit and Credit Cards
    USENIX Security '21Having Your Cake and Eating It: An Analysis of Concession-Abuse-as-a-Service
    USENIX Security '21Breaking Through Binaries: Compiler-quality Instrumentation for Better Binary-only Fuzzing
    USENIX Security '21Cost-Aware Robust Tree Ensembles for Security Applications
    USENIX Security '21Too Good to Be Safe: Tricking Lane Detection in Autonomous Driving with Crafted Perturbations