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    NSDI '21Programming Network Stack for Middleboxes with Rubik
    NSDI '21Verification and Redesign of OFDM Backscatter
    NSDI '21AIRCODE: Hidden Screen-Camera Communication on an Invisible and Inaudible Dual Channel
    NSDI '21Alohamora: Reviving HTTP/2 Push and Preload by Adapting Policies On the Fly
    NSDI '21Simplifying Backscatter Deployment: Full-Duplex LoRa Backscatter
    NSDI '21EarFisher: Detecting Wireless Eavesdroppers by Stimulating and Sensing Memory EMR
    NSDI '21MAVL: Multiresolution Analysis of Voice Localization
    NSDI '21Don't Yank My Chain: Auditable NF Service Chaining
    NSDI '21From Conception to Retirement: a Lifetime Story of a 3-Year-Old Wireless Beacon System in the Wild
    NSDI '21Contracting Wide-area Network Topologies to Solve Flow Problems Quickly
    NSDI '21Unifying Timestamp with Transaction Ordering for MVCC with Decentralized Scalar Timestamp
    NSDI '21Flightplan: Dataplane Disaggregation and Placement for P4 Programs
    NSDI '21When to Hedge in Interactive Services
    NSDI '21Oblique: Accelerating Page Loads Using Symbolic Execution
    NSDI '21When Cloud Storage Meets RDMA
    NSDI '21Move Fast and Meet Deadlines: Fine-grained Real-time Stream Processing with Cameo
    NSDI '21Whiz: Data-Driven Analytics Execution
    NSDI '21Prism: Proxies without the Pain
    NSDI '21Pushing the Physical Limits of IoT Devices with Programmable Metasurfaces
    FAST '21ROART: Range-query Optimized Persistent ARTShaonan Ma, Kang Chen, Shimin Chen, Mengxing Liu, Jianglang Zhu, Hongbo Kang, Yongwei Wu
    FAST '21SpanDB: A Fast, Cost-Effective LSM-tree Based KV Store on Hybrid StorageHao Chen, Chaoyi Ruan, Cheng Li, Xiaosong Ma, Yinlong Xu
    FAST '21Evolution of Development Priorities in Key-value Stores Serving Large-scale Applications: The RocksDB ExperienceSiying Dong, Andrew Kryczka, Yanqin Jin, Michael Stumm
    FAST '21REMIX: Efficient Range Query for LSM-treesWenshao Zhong, Chen Chen, Xingbo Wu, Song Jiang
    FAST '21Scalable Persistent Memory File System with Kernel-Userspace CollaborationYoumin Chen, Youyou Lu, Bohong Zhu, Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau, Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau, Jiwu Shu
    FAST '21Rethinking File Mapping for Persistent MemoryIan Neal, Gefei Zuo, Eric Shiple, Tanvir Ahmed Khan, Youngjin Kwon, Simon Peter, Baris Kasikci