Campus Representative Program

The USENIX Association relies on Campus Representatives to reach out to their campus community and students to make them aware of the Association, its conferences, member services, and student programs. (Participants in this program are sometimes referred to as "University Liaisons.") We encourage students to participate in the organization by submitting papers, becoming members, and attending events.

The program funds one representative per campus to act on behalf of USENIX. The representative should be faculty in computer science, electrical engineering, or a related department (see the requirements for participation below).

Are you a current campus representative looking for information? Click here for quick links to all of our campus representative and student information.

To find out if your school has a representative, check the current list of USENIX Campus Representatives. A Campus Representative's responsibilities include:

  • Keeping your campus community aware of USENIX events and programs
  • Maintaining online and print libraries of USENIX publications for students to use
  • Encouraging and assisting students and staff to become members (goal: about 3 per year)
  • Distributing calls for papers, upcoming event brochures, and re-distributing informational emails from USENIX
  • Encouraging students to apply for travel stipends to conferences
  • Encouraging participation and answering questions about the Association from interested students and staff

Representatives also provide USENIX with feedback and suggestions on how the Association can better serve students.

In return for being our "eyes and ears" on campus, the Campus Representative receives access to the members-only areas of the USENIX website, free conference registration once a year (after one full year of service as a Campus Representative), and electronic conference proceedings for downloading onto your campus server so that all students, staff, and faculty have access.

In order to become a campus representative:

  • You must be full-time faculty at a four-year accredited university (full-time technical staff members will be considered if no faculty is available for the role).
  • You must have been a dues-paying member of USENIX for at least one full year in the past.

If you are Campus Representative wishing to use your complimentary registration for an upcoming conference, please email the Conference Department for a registration code, and mention which conference you would like to attend.

If your campus does not have a representative and you or someone you know would like to represent USENIX on your campus, please contact the Campus Rep Administrator.