Student Programs

USENIX greatly values students and the research in the advanced computing systems arena that is generated in colleges and universities. We strongly encourage students in the field to become members, and to contribute to and attend our conferences.

Recognizing the importance of student work, USENIX has developed the following programs:

Student Memberships

Reduced membership dues allow students to join the advanced computing community and receive select USENIX member benefits, including online access to all of our conference proceedings (a very useful research tool).

Special Student Fees

USENIX conferences provide full-time students with the opportunity to attend USENIX technical sessions and tutorials at deeply discounted rates.

Student Grants

Student grants provide funding for full-time students to attend USENIX events. Please take a look at this page for information on open applications for upcoming events. If your research significantly overlaps with a conference topic, or if you are presenting a paper, this is definitely the way to attend for less.

Best Student Paper Awards

Cash prizes are awarded to best papers for which a student is the lead author at USENIX conferences. Keep an eye out for our Calls for Papers (CFPs), and feel free to submit a paper!

Your Suggestions

USENIX seeks suggestions for special programs to sponsor, such as programming contests or workshops. If you have a good idea and are interested in organizing such an event, please contact us with your ideas!

Faculty: Campus Rep Program

The Campus Representative Program designates a faculty or staff member at a campus who represents USENIX and provides information to students about USENIX. They maintain a library of print and online USENIX publications, as well as having current conference information, Calls for Papers, and membership information available to students. Already a campus representative and looking for information? Find out more here.