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Executive Leadership
Casey Henderson Executive Director x13
Natalie DeJarlais Deputy Director x15
Hilary Hartman Conference Manager x27
Madelyn McGill Junior Conference Manager x44
Rik Farrow Training Program Manager and ;login: Editor x42
Sarah TerHune Conference Coordinator x29
Development and Sales
Camille Mulligan Development Director x17
Mo Moreno Development Associate x25
Finance and Membership
Sara Hernandez CRM Administrator and Office Manager x10
Toni Veglia Finance Director x12
Production and Communications
Arnold Gatilao Production Editor and Web Developer
Jasmine Murcia Production and Communications Coordinator x30
Jessica Kim Communications and Operations Manager x37
Liz Markel Community Engagement Manager x43
Michele Nelson Production Manager and ;login: Managing Editor x20
Ginny Staubach Executive Assistant x23
Scott Armstrong Administrative Assistant x38