Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

At USENIX, a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment is one where all community members and event attendees, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, disability, or other unique characteristics—whether or not protected by law—feels valued and respected. We are committed to a nondiscriminatory approach to all of the work we do, with equal opportunity for all. We respect and value diverse life experiences and heritages and strive to ensure that all voices are valued and heard.

Examples of This Policy in Action

  • We require that all attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, staff, and volunteers adhere to our Code of Conduct. All USENIX staff present at our events are trained to enforce this policy and address any incidents that may occur at such events.
  • We offer conference travel grants for students and members of underrepresented populations.
  • When selecting conference venues, we thoughtfully consider the needs of our attendees, and strive to provide reasonable accommodations for those in need of them.

This statement is intended to be a dynamic and evolving perspective on diversity and inclusion as it relates to USENIX activities, and we welcome your respectful and thoughtful feedback and exchange of ideas at

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rev. 04.30.19