Short Topics in System Administration Series

The Short Topics in System Administration books provide information not available elsewhere. Presenting topics in thorough, refereed fashion, they are small enough and flexible enough to grow with the community.

#26 Modern Infrastructure Engineering with CFEngine 3
Mark Burgess and Diego Zamboni
#25 Enterprise IPv6 Deployment: Experience Report from Google
Haythum Babiker, Irena Nikolova, and Kiran Kumar Chittimaneni
#24 Cloud Computing with VMware vCloud Director
John Y. Arrasjid, Ben Lin, Raman Veeramraju, Steve Kaplan, Duncan Epping, and Michael Haines
#23 A Sysadmin's Guide to Navigating the Business World
Mark Burgess and Carolyn Rowland
#22 Job Descriptions for System Administrators, 3d Edition Revised
Tina Darmohray
#21 Foundation for Cloud Computing with VMware vSphere 4
John Arrasjid, Duncan Epping, and Steve Kaplan
#20 Running the Numbers: System, Network, and Environmental Monitoring
Daniel V. Klein and John Sellens
#19 Configuration Management with Bcfg2
Narayan Desai and Cory Lueninghoener
#18 Deploying the VMware Infrastructure, Second Printing
John Arrasjid, Karthik Balachandran, Daniel Conde, Gary Lamb, and Steve Kaplan
#17 LCFG: A Practical Tool for System Configuration
Paul Anderson
#16 A System Engineer's Guide to Host Configuration and Maintenance Using Cfengine
Mark Burgess and Æleen Frisch
#15 Internet Postmaster: Duties and Responsibilities
Nick Christenson and Brad Knowles
#14 System Configuration
Paul Anderson
#13 The Sysadmin's Guide to Oracle
Ben Rockwood
#12 Building a Logging Infrastructure
Abe Singer and Tina Bird
#11 Documentation Writing for System Administrators
Mark C. Langston
#10 Budgeting for SysAdmins
Adam Moskowitz
#9 Backups and Recovery
W. Curtis Preston and Hal Skelly
#7 System and Network Administration for Higher Reliability
John Sellens
#6 A System Administrator's Guide to Auditing
Geoff Halprin
#5 Hiring System Administrators
Gretchen Phillips
#4 Educating and Training System Administrators: A Survey
David Kuncicky and Bruce Alan Wynn
#2 A Guide to Developing Computing Policy Documents
Edited by Barbara L. Dijker