USENIX Conference FAQ

Conference Registration

When does registration open? / Where can I find information about registering for a USENIX conference?

Once registration is open, you can find this information in the “Registration Information” section on each conference website. Registration for our conferences typically opens 8–12 weeks prior to the start date of the conference.

Is there a registration deadline?

In most cases, you can register through the last day of the conference. The exception to this is when a conference is sold out. Most conferences have a deadline for discounted Early Bird Registration rates as well as a deadline to reserve a room at a discounted rate.

What happens if I miss the Early Bird Registration deadline?

We cannot extend the Early Bird Registration deadline, so please make sure to register as soon as possible to receive the discounted rate. If the deadline has passed, and the conference has not sold out, you can still register for the conference at the standard rate.

How do I get the member rate for conference registration?

To get the member rate, you must be a current member of USENIX. To find your member discount code, sign in to your USENIX account and select the Member Discounts tab. Enter the member discount code on the payment page of the registration process.

Do you offer day rates for portions of conferences?

No. Registration is for the entirety of an event; we do not offer rates for single-day attendance.

Can you provide me with an invoice to pay for my registration?

We can provide an invoice only for group registrations of ten or more people from the same institution that will be paid via EFT, BILL, or wire transfer. Group registrations (of any size) that are to be paid by credit card must be completed online via the registration path on our conference website. If you meet these criteria, please email the Conference Department to inquire about our complete invoicing terms and conditions.

Can you provide me with a receipt or letter of attendance after the conference ends?

If you need a receipt simply to provide documentation for reimbursement from your institution for conference attendance, note that all conference registrations completed online via our conference website will generate a confirmation email (“Registration Confirmed - [Event]”) sent from that contains a link to a printable invoice and receipt.

To request a letter to prove conference attendance, please contact the Conference Department with your name, the conference you attended, and if possible, your registration confirmation number.

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Visa Applications

What is an invitation letter, and how can I get one?

Visa applications for travel to USENIX conferences may require a support letter from USENIX. To request an invitation letter, you must first register for the conference you wish to attend, including the completion of payment. You may then email the Conference Department with your letter request. In your email, include your name, the conference you are registered for, and your full mailing address. If required by the passport agency, also include your passport number and date of birth. Allow several business days following submission of your email for processing.

Please note: USENIX is a U.S.-based non-profit organization without ties to any government agency. Moreover, our staff does not have expertise in visas or border entry considerations. Our assistance is limited to providing the invitation letters that state your purpose and interest in our event. We cannot otherwise complete your visa application for you or expedite the visa application process on your behalf.

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Conference Hotel and Venue

Why should I stay in the conference hotel?

USENIX negotiates reduced group rates for our conference attendees exclusively. We understand that traveling to conferences can be expensive. By taking advantage of the discounted rate, attendees are able to save on travel costs and attend conferences within individual or company budgets. In addition, staying at the conference hotel reduces commute time significantly by avoiding traveling between neighborhood hotels and sessions.

With costs increasing each year, USENIX is working hard to negotiate the very best hotel rates and other conference expenses in order to keep registration fees as low as possible.

What happens if I miss the hotel reservation deadline?

The hotel reservation deadline is the date by which you must reserve your room to take advantage of the special hotel room rates negotiated by USENIX. After the hotel reservation deadline, you may still be able to reserve a room at the hotel, contingent on the hotel's availability.

Can you help me arrange a room or ride to share with another conference attendee?

Yes! USENIX maintains a Google Group to facilitate communication among attendees seeking roommates and ride sharing. You can sign up for free to find attendees with whom you can share a hotel room, taxi, shuttle, or other ride-share service. Please include the name of the conference you are attending in the subject line when posting a new request.

I’m a mother who will need space at the event venue to nurse; will you have private space for me?

USENIX is pleased to offer a mothers' room for nursing women. The room will offer privacy via keyed access, seating, a refrigerator, and electrical outlets for your pump. At the conference please stop at the USENIX badge pickup desk for more information or email the Conference Department before the event with any questions.

Will there be child care at the conference?

USENIX does not provide on-site childcare. If childcare considerations may prohibit you from attending the conference, please contact the Conference Department by the Early Bird Registration deadline for the event in question. Any communication received after this deadline may not be addressed.

I have other accessibility concerns related to the venue or conference. Whom can I email about this?

Please email the Conference Department with any accessibility concerns or questions.

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Attending USENIX Conferences

Where do I pick up my badge?

The registration/badge pickup desk will be open for scheduled hours before and during the conference. Refer to the Attendee Guide for the particular conference you're attending for more information.

When is the best time to pick up my name badge from the registration desk?

To avoid missing any sessions, and to avoid long lines, we recommend picking up your name badge as early as possible. We recommend arriving at badge pickup right when the registration desk opens. Refer to the Attendee Guide for the Badge Pickup Hours each day. The guide is emailed to all registrants (at the email address used to register) within a few days before the event. If you do not receive the attendee guide a few days before the event, please contact the Conference Department.

Do I need to wear my name badge at all times?

USENIX’s goal is to create a safe and inclusive learning environment and social platform for conference attendees. Name badges facilitate attendee networking by identifying you to other attendees and are the credentials you need to access the sessions and social activities for which you've registered. Forgoing to wear your name badge removes your access to conference sessions and conference activities such as lunches, receptions, and poster sessions. Please make it a point to bring and wear your conference badge each day.

May I bring a guest to the evening activities?

No; only registered attendees may attend the evening activities.

Do you have a private space for my work meetings?

To minimize registration fees, USENIX reserves only enough conference space for the conference events. Additional private meeting space is based on the venue's availability and is not guaranteed. We encourage attendees to reschedule their work meetings if possible, prioritizing their undivided attention to the conference. Please stop by the USENIX badge pickup desk at the conference for any questions about this.

Is there a conference dress code?

There is no dress code for USENIX conferences. We often see attendees in t-shirts and jeans, while others may wear more formal business attire. Please keep the Conference Code of Conduct in mind when choosing what to wear.

Will there be a coat check or luggage check?

Most conference hotels will offer luggage storage to paying guests. Please inquire at the hotel front desk about storage options. USENIX cannot store your items at the badge pickup area. If the conference is taking place at a convention center rather than a hotel, USENIX may provide a coat and luggage check option. Please stop by the USENIX badge pickup desk at the conference for any questions about this.

Where and when will the slides and/or presentation videos be available to everyone?

Slides are posted on the conference website’s program page as soon as we receive them from speakers. They will appear underneath the "Available Media" header below each paper or talk abstract.

Videos of the live and pre-recorded event presentations will be available on our website—on the event’s program page—and on YouTube within a few weeks after the conference. Please note that USENIX organizes many large conferences throughout the year, so videos may be delayed if there is a high volume to process. Announcements will also be posted in the event's Slack space.

Will the Q&A sessions be recorded?

The Q&A portion of the session will not be recorded, unless otherwise indicated on our website or on Slack.

I was awarded a grant. Will I receive payment at the event?

Once USENIX confirms your conference attendance, you will receive your grant award as a direct deposit to your bank account after the conference via BILL (or wire transfer only if BILL is not available in your country of residence). Please email the Conference Department if you have any additional questions about the status of your grant.

Additional grant questions? Please visit our Grant Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions page.

Where can I find the conference schedule?

The conference website is the most up-to-date place to find the conference schedule. We also use Sched for its mobile viewability and the ability to customize your schedule. The link to Sched will be in the event Attendee Guide. In an effort to reduce our paper usage, there will be no printed conference directories.

I am one of the presenters; when should I test my slides and audio?

Please check in with the audiovisual (AV) staff in your session's meeting space during the break prior to your presentation. Be sure to have your slides and any other presentation material saved locally to your laptop.

Do you have the right connectors/dongles for my laptop?

HDMI is provided for connecting your laptop to the projection system, but the AV staff cannot guarantee that they’ll have the correct adapter you might need, including for Mini-Displayport or USB-C.

Where do I submit my slides?

Please email your slides to

If you have additional questions as a presenter or speaker, please first review the Instructions for Presenters page on the conference website (posted under the "Participate” menu).

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Student Validation

Why apply for student validation?

To receive the student registration rate for a conference, your student status must first be validated. Applying for student validation upgrades your USENIX account to a student account for the academic year (expiring each September 1), which offers you deeply discounted student registration rates for USENIX conferences as well as the ability to apply for a Student Grant or a Grant for Black Computer Science Students (depending on your eligibility).

Once validated, you are also eligible to purchase an optional annual student membership, which provides an additional discount to all conferences during your membership term.

What is the process for getting my student status validated?

To apply for a student account, carefully read the instructions on the student validation submission page to ensure your submission meets the required criteria. To validate your student status, sign in to your USENIX account (or create an account if you are new to USENIX) and click here to upload documentation verifying your current student status.

What documentation is required to verify my student status?

There are multiple documentation options that can validate your student status. Valid documentation must contain active and current printed dates of enrollment or printed expiration dates. Options include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • A photo of your current student ID card with a printed expiration date.
  • A recently dated university letter or transcript (official or unofficial) that indicates your continuing status as a student.
  • A direct link to a public and official university web page that lists you as an active member of a degree program.
  • A screenshot of your class schedule that includes your name, university/school affiliation, and current and/or upcoming semester(s).

My student ID doesn’t have dates. Can I still use it to validate my student status?

No. To validate student accounts, USENIX requires at least one piece of documentation that indicates the active dates of your student status from or within the most recent semester. If you would like to upload your student ID alongside additional dated documentation, it can be included in the screening process, but validation requests based on undated documents alone will be rejected.

My student status was successfully validated, but I’m still seeing the regular non-student registration rate when I try to register. How do I receive the discounted rate?

If your student status has just been approved, it may take a few hours to sync with your account. Most importantly, when you register, make sure to start a new registration rather than restoring your saved registration. This will allow your new student status to sync with your account and will automatically give you the corresponding registration rate.

How long will my student status stay active once validated?

Once approved, your student status will remain active until September 1.

How long will it take for my submission to be processed?

Allow several business days following the submission of your validation for processing. We recommend that you submit your student validation at least a week in advance of the grant application deadline.

My student validation submission was denied. What do I do now?

The most common reason for submission denials is a lack of current printed dates on submitted documentation. Please review the instructions and resubmit additional documentation to move forward with the student verification process. If your submission is still not accepted, please contact the Conference Department.

Does the student rate apply to all conferences?

Most USENIX conferences offer discounted student registration fees. Please refer to the specific conference website to view registration pricing information for that particular event.

Can I combine the student rate with other discounts?

The student rate can be combined only with the USENIX student membership discount. All other discounts cannot be combined with the student rate.

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