Information for Campus Representatives

Thank you for spreading the word about USENIX to your academic community. This page should serve as a quick-stop for information relevant to you as a Campus Representative. Please let us know if you think of other information you'd like to see here.

USENIX Student Programs Flyer

A PDF of the new USENIX Student Programs Flyer is now available. It outlines the organization and provides a brief introduction to the student programs we offer.

Upcoming Conferences

  • Calls for Papers
    Please click here for a list of open Calls for Papers. Please encourage your students and campus researchers to submit papers.
  • Conference Grant Applications
    A list of current Conference Grant Applications is available here. Please encourage your students who need funding to apply for financial assistance. 
  • Help Promote!
    Check out our conference calendar, which is also available as a Google Calendar, .ics, RSS, or a print-ready PDF, for more information. Once registration for each conference is open, its Web site will include information about how to help us promote the conference, including materials such as PDF flyers and Web banners and buttons.


  • Electronic Proceedings for Institutional Members
    Please go here to download the electronic proceedings of recent conferences. They become available about one month after the event. We ask that you restrict access to students, faculty, and staff of your university. You will need to use your Campus Rep access information to download proceedings.
  • Campus Rep Mailing List
    It's here. You're invited to join the USENIX Campus Rep Discussion List. Share your campus issues, concerns, and questions with other campus representatives! Sign up today.
  • ;login:
    The copy of ;login: you receive as part of your campus representative membership should be shared: either put it in your "library" or in another public area, such as a student lounge. If you maintain your USENIX Individual membership, you will receive a copy of your own. Remember that several articles from each issue are available online to everyone.

Membership Information

  • Students
    USENIX keeps the membership dues for students very low, at $50 annually. The membership carries all of the benefits of a USENIX Individual membership with the exception of voting rights. It's a great deal for students, giving them access to all the research available in our online conference proceedings, as well as discounts to attend our conferences and a subcscription to ;login:. On average, we hope to see three student or staff members join USENIX from your campus annually.
  • Individual
    To become a campus rep, we ask that you have been a dues-paying USENIX member for at least one year. We encourage you to keep your Individual membership active. Doing so will allow you to have voting rights in the Association; to receive your own copy of each issue of ;login:; and to continue your membership if you need to relinquish your role as our Campus Rep. If you choose to let your Individual membership lapse while you are a Campus Rep, you're welcome to reactivate it at anytime.

Leaving your campus? Can't continue as our Campus Rep? 

Should you need to move on, please do your best to find a replacement person at your university. Just forwarding their name to us in the email letting us know that you can no longer do it is fine. We'll take it from there. If you're moving to a new university, check our campus rep list to see whether we have a representative there. If not, we'll be happy to sign you up at your new campus.

Questions? Need information you don't see here?

Please contact the Campus Rep Administrator. We appreciate your efforts on behalf of USENIX!