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    USENIX Security '22How to Abuse and Fix Authenticated Encryption Without Key CommitmentAnge Albertini, Thai Duong, Shay Gueron, Stefan Kölbl, Atul Luykx, Sophie Schmieg
    USENIX Security '22Private SignalingVarun Madathil, Alessandra Scafuro, István András Seres, Omer Shlomovits, Denis Varlakov
    USENIX Security '22Understanding and Improving Usability of Data Dashboards for Simplified Privacy Control of Voice Assistant DataVandit Sharma, Mainack Mondal
    USENIX Security '22Security at the End of the Tunnel: The Anatomy of VPN Mental Models Among Experts and Non-Experts in a Corporate ContextVeroniek Binkhorst, Tobias Fiebig, Katharina Krombholz, Wolter Pieters, Katsiaryna Labunets
    USENIX Security '22CamShield: Securing Smart Cameras through Physical Replication and IsolationZhiwei Wang, Yihui Yan, Yueli Yan, Huangxun Chen, Zhice Yang
    USENIX Security '22SCRAPS: Scalable Collective Remote Attestation for Pub-Sub IoT Networks with Untrusted Proxy VerifierLukas Petzi, Ala Eddine Ben Yahya, Alexandra Dmitrienko, Gene Tsudik, Thomas Prantl, Samuel Kounev
    USENIX Security '22MaDIoT 2.0: Modern High-Wattage IoT Botnet Attacks and DefensesTohid Shekari, Alvaro A. Cardenas, Raheem Beyah
    USENIX Security '22Rapid Prototyping for Microarchitectural AttacksCatherine Easdon, Michael Schwarz, Martin Schwarzl, Daniel Gruss
    USENIX Security '22Using Trātṛ to tame Adversarial SynchronizationYuvraj Patel, Chenhao Ye, Akshat Sinha, Abigail Matthews, Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau, Michael M. Swift
    USENIX Security '22Dos and Don'ts of Machine Learning in Computer SecurityDaniel Arp, Erwin Quiring, Feargus Pendlebury, Alexander Warnecke, Fabio Pierazzi, Christian Wressnegger, Lorenzo Cavallaro, Konrad Rieck
    USENIX Security '22Exploring the Security Boundary of Data Reconstruction via Neuron Exclusivity AnalysisXudong Pan, Mi Zhang, Yifan Yan, Jiaming Zhu, Zhemin Yang
    USENIX Security '22Total Eclipse of the Heart – Disrupting the InterPlanetary File SystemBernd Prünster, Alexander Marsalek, Thomas Zefferer
    USENIX Security '22OVRseen: Auditing Network Traffic and Privacy Policies in Oculus VRRahmadi Trimananda, Hieu Le, Hao Cui, Janice Tran Ho, Anastasia Shuba, Athina Markopoulou
    USENIX Security '22Electronic Monitoring Smartphone Apps: An Analysis of Risks from Technical, Human-Centered, and Legal PerspectivesKentrell Owens, Anita Alem, Franziska Roesner, Tadayoshi Kohno
    USENIX Security '22MAGE: Mutual Attestation for a Group of Enclaves without Trusted Third PartiesGuoxing Chen, Yinqian Zhang
    USENIX Security '22SGXLock: Towards Efficiently Establishing Mutual Distrust Between Host Application and Enclave for SGXYuan Chen, Jiaqi Li, Guorui Xu, Yajin Zhou, Zhi Wang, Cong Wang, Kui Ren
    USENIX Security '22Minefield: A Software-only Protection for SGX Enclaves against DVFS AttacksAndreas Kogler, Daniel Gruss, Michael Schwarz
    USENIX Security '22Counting in Regexes Considered Harmful: Exposing ReDoS Vulnerability of Nonbacktracking MatchersLenka Turoňová, Lukáš Holík, Ivan Homoliak, Ondřej Lengál, Margus Veanes, Tomáš Vojnar
    USENIX Security '22Anycast Agility: Network Playbooks to Fight DDoSA S M Rizvi, Leandro Bertholdo, João Ceron, John Heidemann
    USENIX Security '22Regulator: Dynamic Analysis to Detect ReDoSRobert McLaughlin, Fabio Pagani, Noah Spahn, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna
    USENIX Security '22Aardvark: An Asynchronous Authenticated Dictionary with Applications to Account-based CryptocurrenciesDerek Leung, Yossi Gilad, Sergey Gorbunov, Leonid Reyzin, Nickolai Zeldovich
    USENIX Security '22Ferry: State-Aware Symbolic Execution for Exploring State-Dependent Program PathsShunfan Zhou, Zhemin Yang, Dan Qiao, Peng Liu, Min Yang, Zhe Wang, Chenggang Wu
    USENIX Security '22Can one hear the shape of a neural network?: Snooping the GPU via Magnetic Side Channel
    USENIX Security '22Lamphone: Passive Sound Recovery from a Desk Lamp's Light Bulb VibrationsBen Nassi, Yaron Pirutin, Raz Swisa, Adi Shamir, Yuval Elovici, Boris Zadov
    USENIX Security '22Automated Side Channel Analysis of Media Software with Manifold LearningYuanyuan Yuan, Qi Pang, Shuai Wang