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    USENIX Security '20Measuring and Modeling the Label Dynamics of Online Anti-Malware EnginesShuofei Zhu, Jianjun Shi, Limin Yang, Boqin Qin, Ziyi Zhang, Linhai Song, Gang Wang
    USENIX Security '20Detecting Stuffing of a User’s Credentials at Her Own AccountsKe Coby Wang, Michael K. Reiter
    USENIX Security '20iOS, Your OS, Everybody's OS: Vetting and Analyzing Network Services of iOS ApplicationsZhushou Tang, Ke Tang, Minhui Xue, Yuan Tian, Sen Chen, Muhammad Ikram, Tielei Wang, Haojin Zhu
    USENIX Security '20Certified Side ChannelsCesar Pereida García, Sohaib ul Hassan, Nicola Tuveri, Iaroslav Gridin, Alejandro Cabrera Aldaya, Billy Bob Brumley
    USENIX Security '20SHA-1 is a Shambles: First Chosen-Prefix Collision on SHA-1 and Application to the PGP Web of TrustGaëtan Leurent, Thomas Peyrin
    USENIX Security '20Timeless Timing Attacks: Exploiting Concurrency to Leak Secrets over Remote ConnectionsTom Van Goethem, Christina Pöpper, Wouter Joosen, Mathy Vanhoef
    USENIX Security '20Scaling Verifiable Computation Using Efficient Set AccumulatorsAlex Ozdemir, Riad Wahby, Barry Whitehat, Dan Boneh
    USENIX Security '20The Tools and Tactics Used in Intimate Partner Surveillance: An Analysis of Online Infidelity ForumsEmily Tseng, Rosanna Bellini, Nora McDonald, Matan Danos, Rachel Greenstadt, Damon McCoy, Nicola Dell, Thomas Ristenpart
    USENIX Security '20MUZZ: Thread-aware Grey-box Fuzzing for Effective Bug Hunting in Multithreaded ProgramsHongxu Chen, Shengjian Guo, Yinxing Xue, Yulei Sui, Cen Zhang, Yuekang Li, Haijun Wang, Yang Liu
    USENIX Security '20Secure Multi-party Computation of Differentially Private MedianJonas Böhler, Florian Kerschbaum
    USENIX Security '20DatashareNetwork: A Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Search Engine for Investigative JournalistsKasra Edalatnejad, Wouter Lueks, Julien Pierre Martin, Soline Ledésert, Anne L'Hôte, Bruno Thomas, Laurent Girod, Carmela Troncoso
    USENIX Security '20Delphi: A Cryptographic Inference Service for Neural NetworksPratyush Mishra, Ryan Lehmkuhl, Akshayaram Srinivasan, Wenting Zheng, Raluca Ada Popa
    USENIX Security '20GREYONE: Data Flow Sensitive FuzzingShuitao Gan, Chao Zhang, Peng Chen, Bodong Zhao, Xiaojun Qin, Dong Wu, Zuoning Chen
    USENIX Security '20Void: A fast and light voice liveness detection systemMuhammad Ejaz Ahmed, Il-Youp Kwak, Jun Ho Huh, Iljoo Kim, Taekkyung Oh, Hyoungshick Kim
    USENIX Security '20Devil’s Whisper: A General Approach for Physical Adversarial Attacks against Commercial Black-box Speech Recognition DevicesYuxuan Chen, Xuejing Yuan, Jiangshan Zhang, Yue Zhao, Shengzhi Zhang, Kai Chen, XiaoFeng Wang
    USENIX Security '20Montage: A Neural Network Language Model-Guided JavaScript Engine FuzzerSuyoung Lee, HyungSeok Han, Sang Kil Cha, Sooel Son
    USENIX Security '20Secure parallel computation on national scale volumes of dataSahar Mazloom, Phi Hung Le, Samuel Ranellucci, S. Dov Gordon
    USENIX Security '20ETHBMC: A Bounded Model Checker for Smart ContractsJoel Frank, Cornelius Aschermann, Thorsten Holz
    USENIX Security '20Fuzzing Error Handling Code using Context-Sensitive Software Fault InjectionZu-Ming Jiang, Jia-Ju Bai, Kangjie Lu, Shi-Min Hu
    USENIX Security '20Analysis of DTLS Implementations Using Protocol State FuzzingPaul Fiterau-Brostean, Bengt Jonsson, Robert Merget, Joeri de Ruiter, Konstantinos Sagonas, Juraj Somorovsky
    USENIX Security '20SEAL: Attack Mitigation for Encrypted Databases via Adjustable LeakageIoannis Demertzis, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Charalampos Papamanthou, Saurabh Shintre
    USENIX Security '20An Ever-evolving Game: Evaluation of Real-world Attacks and Defenses in Ethereum EcosystemShunfan Zhou, Zhemin Yang, Jie Xiang, Yinzhi Cao, Zhemin Yang, Yuan Zhang
    USENIX Security '20Agamotto: Accelerating Kernel Driver Fuzzing with Lightweight Virtual Machine CheckpointsDokyung Song, Felicitas Hetzelt, Jonghwan Kim, Brent Byunghoon Kang, Jean-Pierre Seifert, Michael Franz
    USENIX Security '20Light Commands: Laser-Based Audio Injection Attacks on Voice-Controllable SystemsTakeshi Sugawara, Benjamin Cyr, Sara Rampazzi, Daniel Genkin, Kevin Fu
    USENIX Security '20Remote Side-Channel Attacks on Anonymous TransactionsFlorian Tramer, Dan Boneh, Kenny Paterson