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    USENIX Security '24Scalable Multi-Party Computation Protocols for Machine Learning in the Honest-Majority Setting
    USENIX Security '24Cascade: CPU Fuzzing via Intricate Program Generation
    USENIX Security '24Spider-Scents: Grey-box Database-aware Web Scanning for Stored XSS
    USENIX Security '24Less is More: Revisiting the Gaussian Mechanism for Differential Privacy
    USENIX Security '24DaCapo: Automatic Bootstrapping Management for Efficient Fully Homomorphic Encryption
    USENIX Security '24Code is not Natural Language: Unlock the Power of Semantics-Oriented Graph Representation for Binary Code Similarity Detection
    USENIX Security '24Is It a Trap? A Large-scale Empirical Study And Comprehensive Assessment of Online Automated Privacy Policy Generators for Mobile Apps
    USENIX Security '24ModelGuard: Information-Theoretic Defense Against Model Extraction Attacks
    USENIX Security '24The Unpatchables: Why Municipalities Persist in Running Vulnerable Hosts
    USENIX Security '24Exploring Covert Third-party Identifiers through External Storage in the Android New Era
    USENIX Security '24Fingerprinting Obfuscated Proxy Traffic with Encapsulated TLS Handshakes
    USENIX Security '24VeriSimplePIR: Verifiability in SimplePIR at No Online Cost for Honest Servers
    USENIX Security '24SledgeHammer: Amplifying Rowhammer via Bank-level Parallelism
    USENIX Security '24The Challenges of Bringing Cryptography from Research Papers to Products: Results from an Interview Study with Experts
    USENIX Security '24Hijacking Attacks against Neural Network by Analyzing Training Data
    USENIX Security '24SpecLFB: Eliminating Cache Side Channels in Speculative Executions
    USENIX Security '24Vulnerability-oriented Testing for RESTful APIs