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    NSDI '23DChannel: Accelerating Mobile Applications With Parallel High-bandwidth and Low-latency Channels
    NSDI '23A High-Speed Stateful Packet Processing Approach for Tbps Programmable Switches
    NSDI '23xBGP: Faster Innovation in Routing Protocols
    NSDI '23RECL: Responsive Resource-Efficient Continuous Learning for Video Analytics
    NSDI '23SRNIC: A Scalable Architecture for RDMA NICs
    NSDI '23LeakyScatter: A Frequency-Agile Directional Backscatter Network Above 100 GHz
    NSDI '23Boggart: Towards General-Purpose Acceleration of Retrospective Video Analytics
    NSDI '23Gemel: Model Merging for Memory-Efficient, Real-Time Video Analytics at the Edge
    NSDI '23The Benefit of Hindsight: Tracing Edge-Cases in Distributed Systems
    NSDI '23TopoOpt: Co-optimizing Network Topology and Parallelization Strategy for Distributed Training Jobs
    NSDI '23ModelKeeper: Accelerating DNN Training via Automated Training Warmup
    NSDI '23Doing More with Less: Orchestrating Serverless Applications without an Orchestrator
    NSDI '23SHEPHERD: Serving DNNs in the Wild
    NSDI '23Synthesizing Runtime Programmable Switch Updates
    NSDI '23Protego: Overload Control for Applications with Unpredictable Lock Contention
    NSDI '23Formal Methods for Network Performance Analysis
    NSDI '23Poseidon: Efficient, Robust, and Practical Datacenter CC via Deployable INT
    NSDI '23SECRECY: Secure collaborative analytics in untrusted clouds
    NSDI '23Hostping: Diagnosing Intra-host Network Bottlenecks in RDMA Servers
    NSDI '23Understanding RDMA Microarchitecture Resources for Performance Isolation
    NSDI '23Hydra: Serialization-Free Network Ordering for Strongly Consistent Distributed Applications
    NSDI '23SelfTune: Tuning Cluster Managers
    NSDI '23Better Together: Jointly Optimizing ML Collective Scheduling and Execution Planning using SYNDICATE
    NSDI '23Scalable Tail Latency Estimation for Data Center Networks
    NSDI '23Enabling Users to Control their Internet