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    USENIX Security '22Are Your Sensitive Attributes Private? Novel Model Inversion Attribute Inference Attacks on Classification Models
    USENIX Security '22Stalloris: RPKI Downgrade Attack
    USENIX Security '22V'CER: Efficient Certificate Validation in Constrained Networks
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    USENIX Security '22Efficient Differentially Private Secure Aggregation for Federated Learning via Hardness of Learning with Errors
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    USENIX Security '22Backporting Security Patches of Web Applications: A Prototype Design and Implementation on Injection Vulnerability Patches
    USENIX Security '22MaDIoT 2.0: Modern High-Wattage IoT Botnet Attacks and Defenses
    USENIX Security '22Physical-Layer Attacks Against Pulse Width Modulation-Controlled Actuators
    USENIX Security '22Who Are You (I Really Wanna Know)? Detecting Audio DeepFakes Through Vocal Tract Reconstruction
    USENIX Security '22Shuffle-based Private Set Union: Faster and More Secure
    USENIX Security '22Pacer: Comprehensive Network Side-Channel Mitigation in the Cloud
    USENIX Security '22Zero-Knowledge Middleboxes
    USENIX Security '22TheHuzz: Instruction Fuzzing of Processors Using Golden-Reference Models for Finding Software-Exploitable Vulnerabilities
    USENIX Security '22Constant-weight PIR: Single-round Keyword PIR via Constant-weight Equality Operators
    USENIX Security '22ALASTOR: Reconstructing the Provenance of Serverless Intrusions
    USENIX Security '22Seeing is Living? Rethinking the Security of Facial Liveness Verification in the Deepfake Era
    USENIX Security '22On the Necessity of Auditable Algorithmic Definitions for Machine Unlearning
    USENIX Security '22Might I Get Pwned: A Second Generation Compromised Credential Checking Service
    USENIX Security '22Mitigating Membership Inference Attacks by Self-Distillation Through a Novel Ensemble Architecture
    USENIX Security '22OS-Aware Vulnerability Prioritization via Differential Severity Analysis
    USENIX Security '22Efficient Representation of Numerical Optimization Problems for SNARKs
    USENIX Security '22Experimenting with Collaborative zk-SNARKs: Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Distributed Secrets