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    USENIX Security '24Practical Security Analysis of Zero-Knowledge Proof Circuits
    USENIX Security '24Hermes: Unlocking Security Analysis of Cellular Network Protocols by Synthesizing Finite State Machines from Natural Language Specifications
    USENIX Security '24Sync+Sync: A Covert Channel Built on fsync with Storage
    USENIX Security '24AutoFHE: Automated Adaption of CNNs for Efficient Evaluation over FHE
    USENIX Security '24SecurityNet: Assessing Machine Learning Vulnerabilities on Public Models
    USENIX Security '24Why Aren't We Using Passkeys? Obstacles Companies Face Deploying FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication
    USENIX Security '24K-Waay: Fast and Deniable Post-Quantum X3DH without Ring Signatures
    USENIX Security '24What IF Is Not Enough? Fixing Null Pointer Dereference With Contextual Check
    USENIX Security '24Unveiling the Secrets without Data: Can Graph Neural Networks Be Exploited through Data-Free Model Extraction Attacks?
    USENIX Security '24CacheWarp: Software-based Fault Injection using Selective State Reset
    USENIX Security '24Yes, One-Bit-Flip Matters! Universal DNN Model Inference Depletion with Runtime Code Fault Injection
    USENIX Security '24Key Recovery Attacks on Approximate Homomorphic Encryption with Non-Worst-Case Noise Flooding Countermeasures
    USENIX Security '24Mudjacking: Patching Backdoor Vulnerabilities in Foundation Models
    USENIX Security '24Does Online Anonymous Market Vendor Reputation Matter?
    USENIX Security '24SWOOSH: Efficient Lattice-Based Non-Interactive Key Exchange
    USENIX Security '24Machine Learning needs Better Randomness Standards: Randomised Smoothing and PRNG-based attacks
    USENIX Security '24Tossing in the Dark: Practical Bit-Flipping on Gray-box Deep Neural Networks for Runtime Trojan Injection
    USENIX Security '24Batch PIR and Labeled PSI with Oblivious Ciphertext Compression
    USENIX Security '24Pixel Thief: Exploiting SVG Filter Leakage in Firefox and Chrome
    USENIX Security '24ATTention Please! An Investigation of the App Tracking Transparency Permission
    USENIX Security '24Unpacking Privacy Labels: A Measurement and Developer Perspective on Google's Data Safety Section
    USENIX Security '24Accelerating Secure Collaborative Machine Learning with Protocol-Aware RDMA
    USENIX Security '24ABACuS: All-Bank Activation Counters for Scalable and Low Overhead RowHammer Mitigation
    USENIX Security '24On Data Fabrication in Collaborative Vehicular Perception: Attacks and Countermeasures
    USENIX Security '24Understanding the Security and Privacy Implications of Online Toxic Content on Refugees