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    USENIX Security '22DoLTEst: In-depth Downlink Negative Testing Framework for LTE DevicesCheolJun Park, Sangwook Bae, BeomSeok Oh, Jiho Lee, Eunkyu Lee, Insu Yun, Yongdae Kim
    USENIX Security '22SIMC: ML Inference Secure Against Malicious Clients at Semi-Honest CostNishanth Chandran, Divya Gupta, Sai Lakshmi Bhavana Obbattu, Akash Shah
    USENIX Security '22When Sally Met Trackers: Web Tracking From the Users' PerspectiveSavino Dambra, Iskander Sanchez-Rola, Leyla Bilge, Davide Balzarotti
    USENIX Security '22GAROTA: Generalized Active Root-Of-Trust Architecture (for Tiny Embedded Devices)Esmerald Aliaj, Ivan De Oliveira Nunes, Gene Tsudik
    USENIX Security '22Orca: Blocklisting in Sender-Anonymous MessagingNirvan Tyagi, Julia Len, Ian Miers, Thomas Ristenpart
    USENIX Security '22Adversarial Detection Avoidance Attacks: Evaluating the robustness of perceptual hashing-based client-side scanningShubham Jain, Ana-Maria Crețu, Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye
    USENIX Security '22Back-Propagating System Dependency Impact for Attack InvestigationPengcheng Fang, Peng Gao, Changlin Liu, Erman Ayday, Kangkook Jee, Ting Wang, Yanfang (Fanny) Ye, Zhuotao Liu, Xusheng Xiao
    USENIX Security '22Bedrock: Programmable Network Support for Secure RDMA SystemsJiarong Xing, Kuo-Feng Hsu, Yiming Qiu, Ziyang Yang, Hongyi Liu, Ang Chen
    USENIX Security '22Towards More Robust Keyword Spotting for Voice AssistantsShimaa Ahmed, Ilia Shumailov, Nicolas Papernot, Kassem Fawaz
    USENIX Security '22DeepDi: Learning a Relational Graph Convolutional Network Model on Instructions for Fast and Accurate DisassemblySheng Yu, Yu Qu, Xunchao Hu, Heng Yin
    USENIX Security '22RE-Mind: a First Look Inside the Mind of a Reverse EngineerAlessandro Mantovani, Simone Aonzo, Yanick Fratantonio, Davide Balzarotti
    USENIX Security '2299% False Positives: A Qualitative Study of SOC Analysts' Perspectives on Security AlarmsBushra A. Alahmadi, Louise Axon, Ivan Martinovic
    USENIX Security '22Practical Data Access Minimization in Trigger-Action PlatformsYunang Chen, Mohannad Alhanahnah, Andrei Sabelfeld, Rahul Chatterjee, Earlence Fernandes
    USENIX Security '22Polynomial Commitment with a One-to-Many Prover and ApplicationsJiaheng Zhang, Tiancheng Xie, Thang Hoang, Elaine Shi, Yupeng Zhang
    USENIX Security '22ppSAT: Towards Two-Party Private SAT SolvingNing Luo, Samuel Judson, Timos Antonopoulos, Ruzica Piskac, Xiao Wang
    USENIX Security '22SecSMT: Securing SMT Processors against Contention-Based Covert ChannelsMohammadkazem Taram, Xida Ren, Ashish Venkat, Dean Tullsen
    USENIX Security '22Rendering Contention Channel Made Practical in Web BrowsersShujiang Wu, Jianjia Yu, Min Yang, Yinzhi Cao
    USENIX Security '22Security and Privacy Perceptions of Third-Party Application Access for Google AccountsDavid G. Balash, Xiaoyuan Wu, Miles Grant, Irwin Reyes, Adam J. Aviv
    USENIX Security '22Empirical Understanding of Deletion Privacy: Experiences, Expectations, and MeasuresMohsen Minaei, Mainack Mondal, Aniket Kate
    USENIX Security '22Double Trouble: Combined Heterogeneous Attacks on Non-Inclusive Cache HierarchiesAntoon Purnal, Furkan Turan, Ingrid Verbauwhede
    USENIX Security '22Post-Quantum Cryptography with Contemporary Co-Processors: Beyond Kronecker, Schönhage-Strassen & NussbaumerJoppe W. Bos, Joost Renes, Christine van Vredendaal
    USENIX Security '22Attacks on Deidentification's DefensesAloni Cohen
    USENIX Security '22Augmenting Decompiler Output with Learned Variable Names and TypesQibin Chen, Jeremy Lacomis, Edward J. Schwartz, Claire Le Goues, Graham Neubig, Bogdan Vasilescu
    USENIX Security '22ProFactory: Improving IoT Security via Formalized Protocol CustomizationFei Wang, Jianliang Wu, Yuhong Nan, Yousra Aafer, Xiangyu Zhang, Dongyan Xu, Mathias Payer
    USENIX Security '22PrivGuard: Privacy Regulation Compliance Made EasierLun Wang, Usmann Khan, Joseph Near, Qi Pang, Jithendaraa Subramanian, Neel Somani, Peng Gao, Andrew Low, Dawn Song