Duoram: A Bandwidth-Efficient Distributed ORAM for 2- and 3-Party Computation


Adithya Vadapalli, University of Waterloo; Ryan Henry, University of Calgary; Ian Goldberg, University of Waterloo


We design, analyze, and implement Duoram, a fast and bandwidth-efficient distributed ORAM protocol suitable for secure 2- and 3-party computation settings. Following Doerner and shelat's Floram construction (CCS 2017), Duoram leverages (2,2)-distributed point functions (DPFs) to represent PIR and PIR-writing queries compactly—but with a host of innovations that yield massive asymptotic reductions in communication cost and notable speedups in practice, even for modestly sized instances. Specifically, Duoram introduces a novel method for evaluating dot products of certain secret-shared vectors using communication that is only logarithmic in the vector length. As a result, for memories with n addressable locations, Duoram can perform a sequence of m arbitrarily interleaved reads and writes using just O(mlgn) words of communication, compared with Floram's O(mn) words. Moreover, most of this work can occur during a data-independent preprocessing phase, leaving just O(m) words of online communication cost for the sequence—i.e., a constant online communication cost per memory access.

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