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    USENIX Security '21Obfuscation-Resilient Executable Payload Extraction From Packed MalwareBinlin Cheng, Jiang Ming, Erika A Leal, Haotian Zhang, Jianming Fu, Guojun Peng, Jean-Yves Marion
    USENIX Security '21Domain Shadowing: Leveraging Content Delivery Networks for Robust Blocking-Resistant CommunicationsMingkui Wei
    USENIX Security '21mID: Tracing Screen Photos via Moiré PatternsYushi Cheng, Xiaoyu Ji, Lixu Wang, Qi Pang, Yi-Chao Chen, Wenyuan Xu
    USENIX Security '21LZR: Identifying Unexpected Internet ServicesLiz Izhikevich, Renata Teixeira, Zakir Durumeric
    USENIX Security '21Constraint-guided Directed Greybox FuzzingGwangmu Lee, Woochul Shim, Byoungyoung Lee
    USENIX Security '21SEAL: Storage-efficient Causality Analysis on Enterprise Logs with Query-friendly CompressionPeng Fei, Zhou Li, Zhiying Wang, Xiao Yu, Ding Li, Kangkook Jee
    USENIX Security '21Blind In/On-Path Attacks and Applications to VPNsWilliam J. Tolley, Beau Kujath, Mohammad Taha Khan, Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, Jedidiah R. Crandall
    USENIX Security '21Causal Analysis for Software-Defined Networking AttacksBenjamin E. Ujcich, Samuel Jero, Richard Skowyra, Adam Bates, William H. Sanders, Hamed Okhravi
    USENIX Security '21The Circle Of Life: A Large-Scale Study of The IoT Malware LifecycleOmar Alrawi, Charles Lever, Kevin Valakuzhy, Ryan Court, Kevin Snow, Fabian Monrose, Manos Antonakakis
    USENIX Security '21DeepReflect: Discovering Malicious Functionality through Binary ReconstructionEvan Downing, Yisroel Mirsky, Kyuhong Park, Wenke Lee
    USENIX Security '21PrivateDrop: Practical Privacy-Preserving Authentication for Apple AirDropAlexander Heinrich, Matthias Hollick, Thomas Schneider, Milan Stute, Christian Weinert
    USENIX Security '21Too Good to Be Safe: Tricking Lane Detection in Autonomous Driving with Crafted PerturbationsPengfei Jing, Qiyi Tang, Yuefeng Du, Lei Xue, Xiapu Luo, Ting Wang, Sen Nie, Shi Wu
    USENIX Security '21Messy States of Wiring: Vulnerabilities in Emerging Personal Payment SystemsJiadong Lou, Xu Yuan, Ning Zhang
    USENIX Security '21Privacy-Preserving and Standard-Compatible AKA Protocol for 5GYuchen Wang, Zhenfeng Zhang, Yongquan Xie
    USENIX Security '21SEApp: Bringing Mandatory Access Control to Android AppsMatthew Rossi, Dario Facchinetti, Enrico Bacis, Marco Rosa, Stefano Paraboschi
    USENIX Security '21A11y and Privacy don't have to be mutually exclusive: Constraining Accessibility Service Misuse on AndroidJie Huang, Michael Backes, Sven Bugiel
    USENIX Security '21Research on the Security of Visual Reasoning CAPTCHAYipeng Gao, Haichang Gao, Sainan Luo, Yang Zi, Shudong Zhang, Wenjie Mao, Ping Wang, Yulong Shen, Jeff Yan
    USENIX Security '21Acoustics to the Rescue: Physical Key Inference Attack RevisitedSoundarya Ramesh, Rui Xiao, Anindya Maiti, Jong Taek Lee, Harini Ramprasad, Ananda Kumar, Murtuza Jadliwala, Jun Han
    USENIX Security '21YARIX: Scalable YARA-based Malware IntelligenceMichael Brengel, Christian Rossow
    USENIX Security '21Adapting Security Warnings to Counter Online DisinformationBen Kaiser, Jerry Wei, Eli Lucherini, Kevin Lee, J. Nathan Matias, Jonathan Mayer
    USENIX Security '21An Analysis of Speculative Type Confusion Vulnerabilities in the WildOfek Kirzner, Adam Morrison
    USENIX Security '21Weaponizing Middleboxes for TCP Reflected AmplificationKevin Bock, Abdulrahman Alaraj, Yair Fax, Kyle Hurley, Eric Wustrow, Dave Levin
    USENIX ATC '21FaaSNet: Scalable and Fast Provisioning of Custom Serverless Container Runtimes at Alibaba Cloud Function ComputeAo Wang, Shuai Chang, Huangshi Tian, Hongqi Wang, Haoran Yang, Huiba Li, Rui Du, Yue Cheng
    NSDI '21Oblique: Accelerating Page Loads Using Symbolic ExecutionRonny Ko, James Mickens, Blake Loring, Ravi Netravali
    NSDI '21Alohamora: Reviving HTTP/2 Push and Preload by Adapting Policies On the FlyNikhil Kansal, Murali Ramanujam, Ravi Netravali