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    USENIX Security '20High Accuracy and High Fidelity Extraction of Neural NetworksMatthew Jagielski, Nicholas Carlini, David Berthelot, Alex Kurakin, Nicolas Papernot
    USENIX Security '20SpecFuzz: Bringing Spectre-type vulnerabilities to the surfaceOleksii Oleksenko, Bohdan Trach, Mark Silberstein, Christof Fetzer
    USENIX Security '20PKU Pitfalls: Attacks on PKU-based Memory Isolation SystemsR. Joseph Connor, Tyler McDaniel, Jared M. Smith, Max Schuchard
    USENIX Security '20TextShield: Robust Text Classification Based on Multimodal Embedding and Neural Machine TranslationJinfeng Li, Tianyu Du, Shouling Ji, Rong Zhang, Quan Lu, Min Yang, Ting Wang
    USENIX Security '20Medusa: Microarchitectural Data Leakage via Automated Attack SynthesisDaniel Moghimi, Moritz Lipp, Berk Sunar, Michael Schwarz
    USENIX Security '20V0LTpwn: Attacking x86 Processor Integrity from SoftwareZijo Kenjar, Tommaso Frassetto, David Gens, Michael Franz, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
    USENIX Security '20COUNTERFOIL: Verifying Provenance of Integrated Circuits using Intrinsic Package Fingerprints and Inexpensive CamerasSiva Nishok Dhanuskodi, Xiang Li, Daniel Holcomb
    USENIX Security '20Towards Robust LiDAR-based Perception in Autonomous Driving: General Black-box Adversarial Sensor Attack and CountermeasuresJiachen Sun, Yulong Cao, Qi Alfred Chen, Z. Morley Mao
    USENIX Security '20VoteAgain: A scalable coercion-resistant voting systemWouter Lueks, Iñigo Querejeta-Azurmendi, Carmela Troncoso
    USENIX Security '20The Industrial Age of HackingTimothy Nosco, Jared Ziegler, Zechariah Clark, Davy Marrero, Todd Finkler, Andrew Barbarello, W. Michael Petullo
    USENIX Security '20DECAF: Automatic, Adaptive De-bloating and Hardening of COTS FirmwareJake Christensen, Ionut Mugurel Anghel, Rob Taglang, Mihai Chiroiu, Radu Sion
    USENIX Security '20Boxer: Preventing fraud by scanning credit cardsZainul Abi Din, Hari Venugopalan, Jaime Park, Andy Li, Weisu Yin, Haohui Mai, Yong Jae Lee, Steven Liu, Samuel T. King
    USENIX Security '20Justinian's GAAvernor: Robust Distributed Learning with Gradient Aggregation AgentXudong Pan, Mi Zhang, Duocai Wu, Qifan Xiao, Shouling Ji, Zhemin Yang
    USENIX Security '20DeepHammer: Depleting the Intelligence of Deep Neural Networks through Targeted Chain of Bit FlipsFan Yao, Adnan Siraj Rakin, Deliang Fan
    USENIX Security '20DELF: Safeguarding deletion correctness in Online Social NetworksKatriel Cohn-Gordon, Georgios Damaskinos, Divino Neto, Joshi Cordova, Benoît Reitz, Benjamin Strahs, Daniel Obenshain, Paul Pearce, Ioannis Papagiannis
    USENIX Security '20Visor: Privacy-Preserving Video Analytics as a Cloud ServiceRishabh Poddar, Ganesh Ananthanarayanan, Srinath Setty, Stavros Volos, Raluca Ada Popa
    USENIX Security '20Walking Onions: Scaling Anonymity Networks while Protecting UsersChelsea H. Komlo, Nick Mathewson, Ian Goldberg
    USENIX Security '20Drift with Devil: Security of Multi-Sensor Fusion based Localization in High-Level Autonomous Driving under GPS SpoofingJunjie Shen, Jun Yeon Won, Zeyuan Chen, Qi Alfred Chen
    USENIX Security '20Hall Spoofing: A Non-Invasive DoS Attack on Grid-Tied Solar InverterAnomadarshi Barua, Mohammad Abdullah Al Faruque
    USENIX Security '20From Control Model to Program: Investigating Robotic Aerial Vehicle Accidents with MAYDAYTaegyu Kim, Chung Hwan Kim, Altay Ozen, Fan Fei, Zhan Tu, Xiangyu Zhang, Xinyan Deng, Dave (Jing) Tian, Dongyan Xu
    USENIX Security '20Shattered Chain of Trust: Understanding Security Risks in Cross-Cloud IoT Access DelegationBin Yuan, Yan Jia, Luyi Xing, Dongfang Zhao, XiaoFeng Wang, Yuqing Zhang
    USENIX Security '20Differentially-Private Control-Flow Node Coverage for Software Usage AnalysisHailong Zhang, Sufian Latif, Raef Bassily, Atanas Rountev
    USENIX Security '20The Ballot is Busted Before the Blockchain: A Security Analysis of Voatz, the First Internet Voting Application Used in U.S. Federal ElectionsMichael A. Specter, James Koppel, Daniel Weitzner
    USENIX Security '20Stolen Memories: Leveraging Model Memorization for Calibrated White-Box Membership InferenceKlas Leino, Matt Fredrikson
    USENIX Security '20"I am uncomfortable sharing what I can't see": Privacy Concerns of the Visually Impaired with Camera Based Assistive ApplicationsTaslima Akter, Bryan Dosono, Tousif Ahmed, Apu Kapadia, Bryan Semaan