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    USENIX Security '21Muse: Secure Inference Resilient to Malicious ClientsRyan Lehmkuhl, Pratyush Mishra, Akshayaram Srinivasan, Raluca Ada Popa
    USENIX Security '21I Always Feel Like Somebody's Sensing Me! A Framework to Detect, Identify, and Localize Clandestine Wireless SensorsAkash Deep Singh, Luis Garcia, Joseph Noor, Mani Srivastava
    USENIX Security '21M2MON: Building an MMIO-based Security Reference Monitor for Unmanned VehiclesArslan Khan, Hyungsub Kim, Byoungyoung Lee, Dongyan Xu, Antonio Bianchi, Dave (Jing) Tian
    USENIX Security '21Systematic Evaluation of Privacy Risks of Machine Learning ModelsLiwei Song, Prateek Mittal
    USENIX Security '21"It's stressful having all these phones": Investigating Sex Workers' Safety Goals, Risks, and Practices OnlineAllison McDonald, Catherine Barwulor, Michelle L. Mazurek, Florian Schaub, Elissa M. Redmiles
    USENIX Security '21"Now I'm a bit angry:" Individuals' Awareness, Perception, and Responses to Data Breaches that Affected ThemPeter Mayer, Yixin Zou, Florian Schaub, Adam J. Aviv
    USENIX Security '21PASAN: Detecting Peripheral Access Concurrency Bugs within Bare-Metal Embedded ApplicationsTaegyu Kim, Vireshwar Kumar, Junghwan Rhee, Jizhou Chen, Kyungtae Kim, Chung Hwan Kim, Dongyan Xu, Dave (Jing) Tian
    USENIX Security '21LZR: Identifying Unexpected Internet ServicesLiz Izhikevich, Renata Teixeira, Zakir Durumeric
    USENIX Security '21Explanation-Guided Backdoor Poisoning Attacks Against Malware ClassifiersGiorgio Severi, Jim Meyer, Scott Coull, Alina Oprea
    USENIX Security '21Cerebro: A Platform for Multi-Party Cryptographic Collaborative LearningWenting Zheng, Ryan Deng, Weikeng Chen, Raluca Ada Popa, Aurojit Panda, Ion Stoica
    USENIX Security '21A Large-Scale Interview Study on Information Security in and Attacks against Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesNicolas Huaman, Bennet von Skarczinski, Christian Stransky, Dominik Wermke, Yasemin Acar, Arne Dreißigacker, Sascha Fahl
    USENIX Security '21Jetset: Targeted Firmware Rehosting for Embedded SystemsEvan Johnson, Maxwell Bland, YiFei Zhu, Joshua Mason, Stephen Checkoway, Stefan Savage, Kirill Levchenko
    USENIX Security '21T-Miner: A Generative Approach to Defend Against Trojan Attacks on DNN-based Text ClassificationAhmadreza Azizi, Ibrahim Asadullah Tahmid, Asim Waheed, Neal Mangaokar, Jiameng Pu, Mobin Javed, Chandan K. Reddy, Bimal Viswanath
    USENIX Security '21On the Design and Misuse of Microcoded (Embedded) Processors — A Cautionary NoteNils Albartus, Clemens Nasenberg, Florian Stolz, Marc Fyrbiak, Christof Paar, Russell Tessier
    USENIX Security '21Constraint-guided Directed Greybox FuzzingGwangmu Lee, Woochul Shim, Byoungyoung Lee
    USENIX Security '21Fingerprinting in Style: Detecting Browser Extensions via Injected Style SheetsPierre Laperdrix, Oleksii Starov, Quan Chen, Alexandros Kapravelos, Nick Nikiforakis
    USENIX Security '21Fine Grained Dataflow Tracking with Proximal GradientsGabriel Ryan, Abhishek Shah, Dongdong She, Koustubha Bhat, Suman Jana
    USENIX Security '21Card Brand Mixup Attack: Bypassing the PIN in non-Visa Cards by Using Them for Visa TransactionsDavid Basin, Ralf Sasse, Jorge Toro-Pozo
    USENIX Security '21SEAL: Storage-efficient Causality Analysis on Enterprise Logs with Query-friendly CompressionPeng Fei, Zhou Li, Zhiying Wang, Xiao Yu, Ding Li, Kangkook Jee
    USENIX Security '21Android SmartTVs Vulnerability Discovery via Log-Guided FuzzingYousra Aafer, Wei You, Yi Sun, Yu Shi, Xiangyu Zhang, Heng Yin
    USENIX Security '21Exposing New Vulnerabilities of Error Handling Mechanism in CANKhaled Serag, Rohit Bhatia, Vireshwar Kumar, Z. Berkay Celik, Dongyan Xu
    USENIX Security '21Defeating DNN-Based Traffic Analysis Systems in Real-Time With Blind Adversarial PerturbationsMilad Nasr, Alireza Bahramali, Amir Houmansadr
    USENIX Security '21Lord of the Ring(s): Side Channel Attacks on the CPU On-Chip Ring Interconnect Are PracticalRiccardo Paccagnella, Licheng Luo, Christopher W. Fletcher
    USENIX Security '21Automatic Firmware Emulation through Invalidity-guided Knowledge InferenceWei Zhou, Le Guan, Peng Liu, Yuqing Zhang
    USENIX Security '21Reducing HSM Reliance in Payments through Proxy Re-EncryptionSivanarayana Gaddam, Atul Luykx, Rohit Sinha, Gaven Watson