SRE in the Third Age

Friday, 4 October, 2019 - 15:0015:30

Björn Rabenstein, Grafana Labs


In the first age, SRE was proprietary to Google. As a term, it was so puzzling, that the Google recruiters tried for a while to avoid it in job descriptions because nobody would apply for such a mystery job.

In the second age, SRE became a well-known discipline in the tech community, including books and conferences (like this one). Organizations that were distinctly different from Google, not only in terms of scale but also culturally, adopted SRE for their own circumstances and needs.

These days, it appears we are approaching the late stage of the second age. Signs are that recruiters now use the term SRE in job descriptions to attract applicants and that we can pride ourselves on our desirability in the work market.

The time is ripe to think about the third age—it might very well mean the end of SRE as we know it!

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