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    Scaling Shopify's Multi-Tenant Architecture across Multiple DatacentersSREcon16 EuropeFlorian Weingarten
    Lessons from Automatic Incident Resolution for a Million DatabasesSREcon16 EuropeGreg Burek
    My Service Runs at 99.999%...All Those Tweets about Outages Are Not Real: It's Our Competition Trying to Malign Us!SREcon16 EuropeKumar Srinivasamurthy
    Moving a Large Workload from a Public Cloud to an OpenStack Private Cloud: Is It Really Worth It?SREcon16 EuropeNicolas Brousse
    Availability Objectives of SoundCloud’s MicroservicesSREcon16 EuropeBora Tunca
    Downtime BudgetsSREcon16 EuropeCory Lueninghoener
    Relieving Technical Debt through Short ProjectsSREcon16 EuropeLiz Fong-Jones
    Past, Present, and Future of Network OperationsSREcon16 EuropeDavid Barroso
    Running Storage at FacebookSREcon16 EuropeFederico Piccinini
    Bridging Multicast to the CloudSREcon16 EuropeDaniel Emord
    Linux Kernel Building, Testing, and Deployment at FacebookSREcon16 EuropeYannick Brosseau, Phillip Duncan
    Full-Mesh IPsec Network: 10 Dos and 500 Don'tsSREcon16 EuropeFran Garcia
    Extreme OS Kernel TestingSREcon16 EuropeKirk Russell
    The Knowledge: Towards a Culture of Engineering DocumentationSREcon16 EuropeRiona MacNamara
    Active Fault Finding in NetworksSREcon16 EuropeRichard Sheehan
    Bridging the Safety Gap from Scripts to Full Auto-RemediationSREcon16 EuropeDavid Mah
    Fixing the Internet for Real-Time Applications (Games)SREcon16 EuropeAdam Comerford
    Data Privacy Legislation and the Impact on SRESREcon16 EuropeJohn Looney, Simon McGarr
    Techniques and Tools for a Coherent Discussion about Performance in Complex ArchitecturesSREcon16 EuropeTheo Schlossnagle
    Government Needs SRESREcon16 EuropeMikey Dickerson
    DNS: Old Solution for Modern ProblemsSREcon16 EuropeThomas Jackson, Rauf Guliyev
    What SRE Means in a Start-upSREcon16 EuropeBrian Scanlan
    nrrd 911 ic me: The Incident Commander RoleSREcon16Alice Goldfuss
    College Student to SRE: Onboarding Your Entry Level TalentSREcon16Michael Kehoe, Nina Mushiana
    The Realities of the Job of Delivering ReliabilitySREcon16Rachel Kroll