Building Dynamic Configuration into Terraform

Tuesday, 25 October, 2022 - 14:2514:40 CEST

Isabelle Miller and Hosh Sadiq, LaunchDarkly


What if platform teams could define safe, controlled entry points for developers and managers to update and manage infrastructure and services without directly touching the configurations or the repositories themselves?

This talk covers the complexities of managing Terraform at scale and how you can consolidate and simplify certain processes by extracting configuration values into an external interface. We'll detail the process we went through to enable platform engineers to dynamically edit their Terraform configurations on the fly without having to push it through a whole release and apply process.

Isabelle Miller, LaunchDarkly

Isabelle Miller is an engineer on the Integrations team at LaunchDarkly. In a previous life, she worked in governance and the public sector. Currently, she enjoys ceramics, novels, and an unhealthy obsession with her cat.

Hosh Sadiq, LaunchDarkly

Hosh is a Platform Engineer at LaunchDarkly. He is an open source and Linux enthusiast, and is an avid gamer.

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