Diamonds with Flaws: Examining the Pressures, Realities, and Future of Site Reliability Engineering

Wednesday, 26 October, 2022 - 09:0009:45 CEST

Alex Hidalgo, Nobl9


The technology industry moves at an incredible pace. Innovation and change are always at the forefront of everyone's mind. Especially in the Site Reliability Engineering space, people feel pressured more than ever to keep up with all of the newest tools, processes, and philosophies. For many organizations, however, chasing all of the shiny things can end up being a detriment as opposed to a benefit. Let's examine these pressures, what the realities of most SRE organizations are, and how we can all best move into the future -- together, thoughtfully, and meaningfully.

Alex Hidalgo, Nobl9

Alex Hidalgo is the Principal Reliability Advocate at Nobl9 and author of "Implementing Service Level Objectives." During his career he has developed a deep love for sustainable operations, proper observability, and using SLO data to drive discussions and make decisions. Alex's previous jobs have included IT support, network security, restaurant work, t-shirt design, and hosting game shows at bars. When not sharing his passion for technology with others, you can find him scuba diving or watching Premier League football. He lives in Brooklyn with his partner Jen and a rescue dog named Taco. Alex has a BA in philosophy from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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