Oncall: An Equal Opportunity Waste of Time

Tuesday, 25 October, 2022 - 11:0011:40 CEST

Dave O'Connor, Twilio


Live 24/7 support of production services is often completely ingrained into the model in stakeholders' minds of what SRE does. It remains a huge pert of the "value" of most SRE groups. This talk explores what might happen if it wasn't. How do SRE demonstrate their value in a post-oncall world? How do we aim toward that place? Also, even if you don't get to throw your pager in the sea tomorrow, how can you apply these principles anyway?

Dave O'Connor, Twilio

Dave is an SRE practitioner based in Dublin, Ireland. He's currently VP of Engineering at Twilio, leading Twilio's SRE group. Previous to that, he led SRE at Elastic, building the Elastic cloud. Previous to that, Dave spent 16 years as an SRE at Google, failing to prevent and even being complicit in the development of the function of SRE from its inception. His interests include organisation and team development, leadership coaching, and telling you about problems you didn't know you had.

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