Hunting for Risky Dependencies in the World of Microservices

Tuesday, 25 October, 2022 - 14:4515:05 CEST

Theo Klein, Google LLC


How many of your internal-only backends are actually exposed to the outside world? Probably more than you think. With the rise of microservices and complex systems, service owners are less aware of the critical user journeys depending on their systems.

In this talk, you will learn about a simple yet powerful application of OpenTelemetry to find and fix major serving outages before they occur. I will also share several high risk dependencies within Google Maps that we caught by using this tool.

Theo Klein, Google

Theo Klein is a Site Reliability Engineer working on Google Maps. Over the past year, he has led a team that systematically removed unneeded dependencies on critical systems which de-risked Google's many serving layers from global outages. Previously, he developed a system that validated datasets to ensure they have no anomalies.

His primary interests are in dependency management and horizontal analyses of large-scale systems.

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