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    Active Fault Finding in NetworksSREcon16 EuropeRichard Sheehan
    Bridging the Safety Gap from Scripts to Full Auto-RemediationSREcon16 EuropeDavid Mah
    Fixing the Internet for Real-Time Applications (Games)SREcon16 EuropeAdam Comerford
    Data Privacy Legislation and the Impact on SRESREcon16 EuropeJohn Looney, Simon McGarr
    Techniques and Tools for a Coherent Discussion about Performance in Complex ArchitecturesSREcon16 EuropeTheo Schlossnagle
    Government Needs SRESREcon16 EuropeMikey Dickerson
    DNS: Old Solution for Modern ProblemsSREcon16 EuropeThomas Jackson, Rauf Guliyev
    What SRE Means in a Start-upSREcon16 EuropeBrian Scanlan
    nrrd 911 ic me: The Incident Commander RoleSREcon16Alice Goldfuss
    College Student to SRE: Onboarding Your Entry Level TalentSREcon16Michael Kehoe, Nina Mushiana
    The Realities of the Job of Delivering ReliabilitySREcon16Rachel Kroll
    Beyond Repair: Proactive Maintenance Work at ScaleSREcon16Romain Komorn
    How to Improve a Service by Roasting ItSREcon16Jake Welch, Caskey L. Dickson
    Operations at (Small) ScaleSREcon16Elliott Sims
    Continuous Deployment to Millions of Users 40 Times a DaySREcon16Michael Gorven
    Service Levels and Error BudgetsSREcon16Chris Jones, Niall Murphy
    Operational Buddhism: Building Reliable Services from Unreliable ComponentsSREcon16Ernie Souhrada
    What's NetDevOps? How Do I Start?SREcon16Leslie Carr
    From Ops to SRE on a Brazilian StartupSREcon16Matheus Rossato, Luiz Muller
    Managing Grumpy: Embracing Diversity to Build Stronger TeamsSREcon16Lisa Phillips
    Netflix: 190 Countries and 5 CORE SREsSREcon16Jonah Horowitz
    Building Reliable Social Infrastructure for GoogleSREcon16Marc Alvidrez
    SREs + Software Engineers: Making It WorkSREcon16Nina Schiff
    Debugging Distributed SystemsSREcon16Donny Nadolny
    Incident Management and Chatops @ Netflix Feat ScorebotSREcon16Al Tobey