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    PostOps: Recovery from OperationsSREcon15 EuropeTodd Underwood
    Upgrade Your Database without Losing Your Data, Your Perf, or Your MindSREcon15 EuropeCharity Majors
    Developments in EU Data Protection Law: DRI, Schrems, and USA v. MicrosoftSREcon15 Europe
    Closing WordsSREcon15 Europe
    Ask Me Anything Panel Video (For Review)SREcon15
    Architecting and Launching the Halo 4 ServicesSREcon15Caitie McCaffrey
    Mux: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the MultiplexingSREcon15Berk Demir
    Lightning TalksSREcon15
    Building a Billion User Load BalancerSREcon15Patrick Shuff
    Netflix RaaS: Reliability as a ServiceSREcon15Coburn Watson
    Notes from Production EngineeringSREcon15Pedro Canahuati
    Monitoring without Infrastructure @ AirbnbSREcon15Igor Serebryany
    Smart Monitor System For Automatic Anomaly Detection @BaiduSREcon15Xianping Qu
    Case Study: Adopting SRE Principles at StackOverflowSREcon15Tom Limoncelli
    SRE HiringSREcon15Andrew Fong
    Scaling Networks through SoftwareSREcon15Joao Taveira
    Ensuring Success During DisasterSREcon15Doug Barth
    Instagration: A Case Study in Cloud Migration at ScaleSREcon15Chris Bray
    Making Every SRE Hire CountSREcon15Chris Stankaitis
    Incident AnalysisSREcon15Sue Lueder
    Making the Sum of AWS Networking Greater than Its Parts—Achieving High Availability in VPCsSREcon15Warren Turkal
    Collin and the SlingbotSREcon15Joe Ruscio
    Error Budgets and RisksSREcon15Marc Alvidrez
    Being Afraid—How Paranoia at Dropbox Protects Your DataSREcon15David Mah
    Panel: Fifty Shades of Grey: Different Models for Reliability WorkSREcon15Fernanda Weiden, Stephanie Dean, David Barr, Abe Hassan