Tracing the Journey into Distributed Tracing

Wednesday, 11 October, 2023 - 09:5010:30

Pedro Alves, Wayfair DE


Onboarding new technologies in large scale organizations can be quite the challenge. Distributed Tracing is one such technology with companies occasionally struggling with its roll out, and later collecting the benefits that it promises. This talk describes the steps that led to a successful (although laborious) process to adopt Distributed Tracing in a large scale org. We'll go through those steps, and from there extract some guidelines on how to approach onboarding other technologies, so we don't reinvent the wheel every time.

Pedro Alves, Wayfair

Pedro has been developing back end code for webapps since 2008, across different business areas. From 2018 the focus has been on all things SRE. Helping teams improve their Observability, building tools to help engineers with alerting, solving complex bugs, scaling applications, and handling weird incidents.

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