Embracing the Multi-Party Dilemma: Incident Response Across Company Boundaries

Wednesday, 11 October, 2023 - 14:0014:40

Sarah Butt, SentinelOne and Alex Elman, Indeed


For many companies, the past several years have represented a marked shift toward transferring operational responsibility of running critical services to third-party external vendors. This is particularly true as companies seek to scale and lower capital costs. From elastic compute capacity via external cloud providers, vendors for CDN and Edge, DDoS protection and beyond; vendors have increasingly become vital components in software systems. This talk speaks to some of the complexity of managing vendor relationships and the insights gleaned when looking at incidents with vendor involvement across 3 separate companies. Through a dynamic called “The Multi-Party Dilemma,” we introduce concepts from research and real-world findings to help us all learn from incidents across organizational boundaries.

Sarah Butt, SentinelOne

Sarah is SentinelOne's Director of Site Reliability Engineering. She is fascinated by scale, complexity, systems thinking, and non-functional requirements— particularly those around reliability. You'll likely find her talking about topics such as resilience, observability, and incident management and response. Prior to working at SentinelOne, Sarah worked in both Salesforce and Dell's SRE organizations.

Alex Elman, Indeed

For the past twelve years, Alex Elman has been helping Indeed cope with ever-increasing complexity and scale. He is a founding member of the Site Reliability Engineering team. Alex leads the Resilience Engineering team focused on learning from incidents, chaos engineering, and managing incidents.

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