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    Achieving Mutual TLS: Secure Pod-to-Pod Communication Without the HassleSREcon20 AmericasMark Hahn, Thomas Hahn
    Automatically Detect the Top Performance & Scalability Issues in Distributed ArchitecturesSREcon20 AmericasAndreas Grabner
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    Latency and Availability Error Budgets Done Right at ScaleSREcon20 AmericasFred Moyer
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    A Bartender's Guide to Network MonitoringSREcon20 AmericasJohn Blaho
    Hot Swap Your Datastore: A Practical Approach and Lessons LearnedSREcon20 AmericasRaj Shekhar, Mehmet Can Kurt
    Give Your PXE wings! Bootstrapping ExplainedSREcon20 AmericasRob Hirschfeld
    It's a Trap! How Abstractions Have Failed Us.SREcon20 AmericasAndré Henry
    Soft Failures, Hard Goals - Accelerating Payments at Scale During the PandemicSREcon20 AmericasKyle Guichard, Venus So
    Heap Optimization for Go SystemsSREcon20 AmericasNishant Roy
    Production Population Control: My Cattle are Rabbits!SREcon20 AmericasAlex Nauda
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    Sustainable Software Engineering & SREsSREcon20 AmericasBill Johnson
    Building Actionable Code OwnershipSREcon20 AmericasAnika Mukherji
    Failure is Not an Option! SRE Lessons 50 Years after the Apollo 13 Flight to the MoonSREcon20 AmericasRobert Barron
    Panel: Learning from Adaptations to CoronavirusSREcon20 AmericasNora Jones, Fred Hebert, Lorin Hochstein, Vanessa Huerta Granda
    Pragmatic Security for SRESREcon20 AmericasJames Wickett
    “Disorganizing” Your SRE OrganizationSREcon20 AmericasLeonid Belkind
    Confessions of a Systems Engineer: Learning from My 20+ Years of FailureSREcon20 AmericasDavid Argent
    Low Context DevOps: Improving SRE Team Culture through Defaults, Documentation, and DisciplineSREcon20 AmericasTom Limoncelli