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USENIX is fully committed to the Open Access to research movement. To that end, all videos of conference technical session presentations are now available to the general public on the USENIX website shortly after they take place. In addition, we have offered free online access to conference proceedings since 2008. Visit our proceedings page to check out the latest papers.

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    Understanding Business Metrics Can Make You a Better SRESREcon19 Asia/PacificMohit Suley, Kurt Andersen
    Collective Mindfulness for Better Decisions in SRESREcon19 Asia/PacificKurt Andersen
    Ethics in SRESREcon19 Asia/PacificLaura Nolan, Theo Schlossnagle
    Ironies of Automation: A Comedy in Three PartsSREcon19 Asia/PacificTanner Lund
    Building a Scalable Network Event Executor Using GOSREcon19 Asia/PacificMarek Denis
    High Availability Solution for Large Scale Database SystemsSREcon19 Asia/PacificGuowei Zeng
    Yes, No, Maybe? Error Handling with gRPC ExamplesSREcon19 Asia/PacificGráinne Sheerin
    Extending a Scheduler to Better Support Sharded ServicesSREcon19 Asia/PacificLaurie Clark-Michalek
    Aperture: A Non-Cooperative, Client-Side Load Balancing AlgorithmSREcon19 Asia/PacificRuben Oanta, Bryce Anderson
    Hybrid XFS—Using SSDs to Supercharge HDDs at FacebookSREcon19 Asia/PacificSkanda Shamasunder
    SRE Then vs SRE Now: A Balancing Act between Reflexes and Intuitive Instincts at PayPalSREcon19 Asia/PacificShyam Sunder VR, Deepa Elumalai
    Practical Instrumentation for ObservabilitySREcon19 Asia/PacificGabe Krabbe
    Familiar Smells I've Detected in Your Systems Engineering Organization and How to Fix ThemSREcon19 Asia/PacificDave Mangot
    Building Centralized Caching Infrastructure at ScaleSREcon19 Asia/PacificJames Won
    Lightning TalksSREcon19 Asia/Pacific
    How to Start On-Boarding of SRESREcon19 Asia/PacificTakeshi Kondo
    How to Trade off Server Utilization and Tail LatencySREcon19 Asia/PacificJulius Plenz
    The MTTR Chronicles: Evolution of SRE Self Service Operations PlatformSREcon19 Asia/PacificJason Wik, Jayan Kuttagupthan, Shubham Patil
    Getting More out of Postmortems and Making Them Less Painful to DoSREcon19 Asia/PacificAshar Rizqi
    Latency SLOs Done RightSREcon19 Asia/PacificTheo Schlossnagle
    How We Used Kafka to Scale Database InfrastructureSREcon19 Asia/PacificBasavaiah Thambara
    Why Does (My) Monitoring Suck?SREcon19 Asia/PacificTodd Palino
    Leading without Managing: Becoming an SRE Technical LeaderSREcon19 Asia/PacificTodd Palino
    Distributed Sys TeamsSREcon19 Asia/PacificSrivatsa Ray
    HBase Internals and OperationsSREcon19 Asia/PacificBiju Nair