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    DevOps Ten Years After: Review of a Failure with John Allspaw and Paul HammondSREcon21Thomas Depierre, John Allspaw, Paul Hammond
    When Linux Memory Accounting Goes WrongSREcon21Minhaj Ahammed
    A Political Scientist's View on Site ReliabilitySREcon21Michael Krax
    Capacity Management for Fun & ProfitSREcon21Aly Fulton
    "Don't Follow Leaders" or "All Models Are Wrong (and So Am I)"SREcon21Niall Murphy
    From 15,000 Database Connections to under 100—A Tech Debt TaleSREcon21Sunny Beatteay
    Let's Bring System Dynamics Back to CS!SREcon21Marianne Bellotti
    Trustworthy Graceful Degradation: Fault Tolerance across Service BoundariesSREcon21Daniel Rodgers-Pryor
    A Principled Approach to Monitoring Streaming Data Infrastructure at ScaleSREcon21Eric Schow, Praveen Yedidi
    Watching the Watchers: Generating Absent Alerts for PrometheusSREcon21Nick Spain
    SLX: An Extended SLO Framework to Expedite Incident RecoverySREcon21Qian Ding, Xuan Zhang
    MySQL and InnoDB Performance for the Rest of UsSREcon21Shaun O'Keefe
    Need for SPEED: Site Performance Efficiency, Evaluation and DecisionSREcon21Kingsum Chow, Zhihao Chang
    Elephant in the Blameless War Room—AccountabilitySREcon21Christina Tan, Emily Arnott
    Take Me Down to the Paradise City Where the Metric Is Green and Traces Are PrettySREcon21Ricardo Ferreira
    Latency Distributions and Micro-Benchmarking to Identify and Characterize Kernel HotspotsSREcon21Danny Chen
    Sparking Joy for Engineers with ObservabilitySREcon21Zac Delagrange
    What To Do When SRE is Just a New Job Title?SREcon21Benjamin Bütikofer
    Let the Chaos Begin—SRE Chaos Engineering Meets CybersecuritySREcon21Francesco Sbaraglia, Adriana Petrich
    Spike Detection in Alert Correlation at LinkedInSREcon21Nishant Singh
    10 Lessons Learned in 10 Years of SRESREcon21Andrea Spadaccini
    What's the Cost of a Millisecond?SREcon21Avishai Ish-Shalom
    Panel: ObservabilitySREcon21Daria Barteneva, Liz Fong-Jones, Gabe Wishnie, Štěpán Davidovic, Richard Waid, Partha Kanuparthy
    Panel: Engineering OnboardingSREcon21Daria Barteneva, Jennifer Petoff, Anne Hamilton, Sandi Friend, Ilse White
    Achieving Mutual TLS: Secure Pod-to-Pod Communication Without the HassleSREcon20 AmericasMark Hahn, Thomas Hahn