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    Why SREs can't afford to NOT do Chaos EngineeringSREcon20 AmericasMikolaj Pawlikowski
    Testing Encyclopedias in ProductionSREcon20 AmericasEffie Mouzeli, Giuseppe Lavagetto
    When /bin/sh Attacks: Revisiting "Automate All the Things"SREcon20 AmericasJ. Paul Reed
    It's a Trap! How Abstractions Have Failed Us.SREcon20 AmericasAndré Henry
    Jupyter as Incident Response ToolSREcon20 AmericasMoshe Zadka
    SREs at Telecom and Media Industry: Bridging between Legacy and Cloud Native AppsSREcon20 AmericasShiri Yitzhaki, Itzhak Tueg, Tapan Shah
    Squish Level Objectives: How SRE can Help Align Technical Work to User BenefitSREcon20 AmericasDave Stanke
    Study on Human Factors and Team Culture to Improve Pager FatigueSREcon20 AmericasDaria Barteneva
    Building Service Ownership Using Documentation, Telemetry, and a Chance to Make Things BetterSREcon20 AmericasDaniel "Spoons" Spoonhower
    Observing from IncidentsSREcon20 AmericasCory Watson
    Soft Failures, Hard Goals - Accelerating Payments at Scale During the PandemicSREcon20 AmericasKyle Guichard, Venus So
    Off the Beaten Path: Moving Observability Focus from Your Service, to Your CustomerSREcon20 AmericasMohit Suley
    Avoiding Goodhart's Law - Use SLO's as Tools Not CudgelsSREcon20 AmericasMarco Coulter
    Are We Getting Better Yet? Progress Toward Safer OperationsSREcon20 AmericasAlex Elman
    Continuously Improving Culture through Design DecisionsSREcon20 AmericasZachary Meath
    Cloudy with a Chance of ChaosSREcon20 AmericasChristina Yakomin
    Panel: Learning from Adaptations to CoronavirusSREcon20 AmericasNora Jones, Fred Hebert, Lorin Hochstein, Vanessa Huerta Granda
    Challenges of Starting an SRE Team from Scratch in an EnterpriseSREcon20 AmericasPauline Narvas, Wayne Bridgman, Graeme Bye, Amreen Firdouse, Anand Bobade, Shiv Patil
    The Secret Lives of SREs - Controlling the Costs of Coordination across Remote TeamsSREcon20 AmericasLaura Maguire
    Software Patching Needn't Be a Can of WormsSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaPhilip Rowlands
    All of Our ML Ideas Are Bad (and We Should Feel Bad)SREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaTodd Underwood
    Expect the Unexpected: Preparing SRE Teams for Responding to Novel FailuresSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaJohn Arthorne
    Applicable and Achievable Formal VerificationSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaHeidy Khlaaf
    Fault Tree Analysis Applied to Apache KafkaSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaAndrey Falko
    SRE in the Third AgeSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaBjörn Rabenstein