Leveraging Multiple Regions to Improve Site Reliability: Lessons Learned from Jet.com

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 3:05 pm3:25 pm

Andrew Duch, Jet.com/Walmart Labs


Running your systems across multiple regions allows you to tolerate a unique set of failure modes and can simplify disaster recovery processes. With this improved resiliency comes a daunting set of technical, management, and cost challenges.

At Jet, we’ve taken a multi-year journey to move from running in one region to multiple regions in the Microsoft Azure cloud. We'll share some of the multi-region architectural patterns we’ve introduced at Jet—both the successes and failures. We'll also discuss strategies to minimize costs and manage the complexity of moving thousands of services to run in multiple regions. Finally, we'll talk through how we manage failover automation and exercises.

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