SREcon is a gathering of engineers who care deeply about site reliability, systems engineering, and working with complex distributed systems at scale. Our purpose is to be inclusive as we bring together ideas representative of our diverse community, whether its members are focusing on a global scale, launching new products and ideas for a small business, or pivoting their approach to unite software and systems engineering. SREcon challenges both those new to the profession as well as those who have been involved in it for decades. The conference has a culture of critical thought, deep technical insights, continuous improvement, and innovation.

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SREcon24 Americas, March 18–20, 2024, San Francisco, CA, USA

SREcon24 Americas
March 18–20, 2024
San Francisco, CA, USA

Thanks to those of you who joined us for SREcon24 Americas! We hope you enjoyed the event.

As part of our commitment to open access to research, presentation slides are posted to the program page, and the video recordings are posted within a few weeks of the end of the event.

SREcon24 Europe/Middle East/Africa
29–31 October, 2024
Dublin, Ireland

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SREcon24 Europe/Middle East/Africa, 29–31 October, 2024, Dublin, Ireland