When Linux Memory Accounting Goes Wrong

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Tuesday, 12 October, 2021 - 17:1517:45

Minhaj Ahammed, LinkedIn


This talk is about debugging an issue where the hosts ran out of memory and went inaccessible even though the applications are limited by cgroups. This covers some topics like memory accounting in cgroups and it is not always straightforward when there are multiple variables at play. We discuss a case where cgroups may not properly account for memory usage, which can be disastrous for cohosted applications or the host itself.

Minhaj Ahammed, LinkedIn

Minhaj Ahammed is a Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn, where he works as a part of the Search Infrastructure team. Prior to joining LinkedIn, he worked at Yahoo as a Production Engineer, spending his time building automations and managing the Advertising and Reporting pipeline. Minhaj likes spending time debugging issues and deep-diving into Linux internals.

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