SREcon21 Sponsor Events and Showcase Schedule

Tuesday, October 12

Pragmatic Incident Response: Lessons Learned from the Frontlines

18:30–19:30 UTC
Robert Ross, CEO at FireHydrant
Sponsored by FireHydrant
Incident response is overwhelming. How do you get a process in place that actually works and scales? In this session, FireHydrant CEO, Robert Ross, will share stories from his experience as an SRE and what pragmatic tips he’s learned along the way on building a successful incident response process. Lunch is on us for the first 25 attendees!

Fireside Chat

19:30–20:30 UTC
Moderators: Alex Hidalgo and Cody De Arkland.
Sponsored by LaunchDarkly
Join us! We’re giving out cold brew or bubble tea kits to those who attend our chat.

Wednesday, October 13

Ask Our LFI Panel Anything About Learning From Incidents

18:30–19:30 UTC
Speakers: Duck Lawn, Articulate; Emily Ruppe, Twilio and SendGrid; Josie Hughes, Xero; Alex Elman and Eric Dobbs, Indeed; John Allspaw, Adaptive Capacity Labs; Beth Adele-Long, Jeli
Sponsored by Indeed
How does your organization approach the aftermath? Brief review of the timeline plus TODOs? Is attention only on software systems? Anyone capture what surprised participants or when essential discoveries changed the flow of the response? Do tools inhibit or enhance expertise?

Welcome to “Ask Speakers Anything”

A dedicated roundtable hour with some fantastic event speakers. Ask them anything.

18:30–19:30 UTC
Host: Kurt Andersen, Blameless
Speakers: Christina Tan and Emily Arnott, Blameless; Niall Murphy, RelyAbility; Liz Fong-Jones,; Laura Nolan, Slack
Sponsored by Blameless
All you have to do is show up at 11.30am PDT on Wed, October 13. Registered attendees can jump in by logging in to Swapcard, going to the Sponsor Events tab, and clicking on the Blameless sponsor event to get the link.

Panel Discussion: SRE Survey Findings, Spurious Correlations or Nah?

Available On Demand
Sponsored by Catchpoint
Join this on-demand session from Catchpoint's SRE from Anywhere event for a discussion around the insights from Catchpoint's annual SRE Report. Registered attendees can watch this video now by logging in to Swapcard, going to the Sponsor Events tab, and clicking on the Catchpoint sponsor event to get the link.

Production Engineering AMA with Shopify: Featuring Jason Hiltz-Laforge, Director Production Engineering

19:30–20:30 UTC
Speaker: Jason Hiltz-Laforge, Director - Production Engineering at Shopify
Sponsored by Shopify
Curious about Production Engineering at Shopify and Shopify’s outlook on resiliency, performance, scaling platforms, and much more? Join us at this AMA to engage with Shopify's Director of Production Engineering, Jason Hiltz-Laforge. Registered attendees can jump in by logging in to Swapcard, going to the Sponsor Events tab, and clicking on the Shopify sponsor event to get the link. Feel free to ask your questions ahead of time via this Slido link: We also have an interesting giveaway for 2 lucky winners! More information on the event sign-up page.

Thursday, October 14

Bringing SRE from Tech to Finance

18:30–19:30 UTC
Speakers: Joséphine Altzman, VP SRE, Goldman Sachs
Sponsored by Goldman Sachs
SRE (and its younger sibling, Production Engineering) begat a new engineering discipline of focusing on the special problems of highly-scalable and highly-reliable systems found in the FAANG world, and now it is spreading to other industries requiring that same focus. Here is how Goldman is doing SRE, not as a buzzword, but as a full-on inheritance from its parents.