Cache Strategies with Best Practices

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Wednesday, 13 October, 2021 - 04:0004:30

Tao Cai, LinkedIn


Problem statement
It's expensive to retrieve remote data in many data-intensive and latency-sensitive online services. A cache is widely used as a common practice to speed up the service. It's challenging to build an efficient cache and some bad cache implementations may break the system even more.

This is a technical deep-dive about a set of cache strategies with real examples. We will describe Cache Item strategies, Multiple Cache TTL strategies, and Cache warm-up strategies. We'll explain how they significantly improve system performance while maintaining cache efficiency and increase availability. We will also share our practices in adopting those strategies.

Tao Cai, LinkedIn

Tao Cai is a Staff Software Engineer in the Ads Serving Infra in LinkedIn, former Site Reliability Engineer in the Ads team. Focus on the ads system's scalability, reliability, and latency improvement.

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