Optimizing for Learning

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 9:00 am9:30 am

Logan McDonald, BuzzFeed


The talk is about the most powerful observability system SREs have at their disposal: the human mind! I draw from cognitive science to discuss how we can improve how we learn and store information about our systems in our brains in order to respond better to incidents and anomalies. It's a talk broken into four parts: preparing to learn, gaining knowledge, building mental models, and enabling a team to learn well together.

Logan McDonald, BuzzFeed

Logan is a security-focused Site Reliability Engineer at BuzzFeed, based in New York City. She is a maintainer of BuzzFeed's open source centralized sign-on platform, sso, and has written for dev.to and Increment Magazine. She is obsessed with learning, but especially with the learning process that accompanies onboarding people new to security, operations tooling, and concepts. If Logan has a personal brand, she hopes it is "Friendly Neighborhood Operations Engineer."

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