Tackling Kafka, with a Small Team

Monday, March 25, 2019 - 2:50 pm3:20 pm

Jaren Glover, Robinhood


This is a story about what happens when a distributed system becomes a big part of a small team's infrastructure. This distributed system was Kafka and the team size was one engineer. I will discuss my failures along with my journey of deploying Kafka at scale with very little prior distributed systems experience. This presentation will be a tactical approach to conquering a complex system with an understaffed team while your business is growing fast.

Jaren Glover, Robinhood

Jaren Glover is an early engineer at Robinhood. He has spent the last 3 years scaling Robinhood's distributed systems and to support its rapid customer growth. He also allocates a large percentage of his time scaling Robinhood's human capital via new hire mentoring and on-boarding. Jaren lives in the intersection of software, economics, and culture.

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