Migrating Your Old Server Products to Be Stateless Cloud Services

Wednesday, 29 August, 2018 - 16:4517:30

Kurt Scherer and Craig Knott, Atlassian


This talk will be a technical walkthrough of how we built out an infrastructure in AWS using industry open-source tooling (like Packer, Ansible, and Terraform) to build stateless instances that run our antiquated applications and how the CI/CD pipeline allows for rollouts in a reliable way. Because these products are business critical (like billing services), it was quintessential to have a solid migration plan.

I'll cover the before architecture, the goal, the migration, the end architecture, the upgrade build and deployment process, and the monitoring and alerting taxonomy. I'll share what worked and what didn't and the complications (and outages) along the way.

The goal is to give any SRE the knowledge needed to be confident to perform this type of migration themselves.

Kurt Scherer, Atlassian

Kurt Scherer has been in the industry for 15 years, working in both software engineering and operations roles. Starting in the United States military as a Systems and Network Engineer in their ISP, I moved on to consulting for a few years. Later, I joined Yahoo as a software engineer on a video streaming platform and then moved to Microsoft in their Virtual Networking stack. I spent time at Google as an SRE for a streaming data pipeline that indexes events for ads targeting. Most recently, I've moved to Atlassian to pave the way for a new SRE organization.

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