Continuously Improving Culture through Design Decisions

Monday, December 07, 2020 - 11:55 am12:35 pm

Zachary Meath, Two Sigma Investments, LP


What makes for a healthy tech culture, and how do our technical decisions influence it? Zachary Meath works on Two Sigma's DevOps platform “COIN”, which uses Jenkins hosted in Kubernetes to provide a scalable environment in which teams can run their CI/CD pipelines. Due its ubiquity, COIN plays a key role in DevOps culture at Two Sigma. In this session, Zack will discuss how culture was at the forefront of COIN’s design, and how the two influenced each other over time.

Zachary Meath, Two Sigma Investments, LP

Zachary Meath is a Software Engineer at Two Sigma, where he is responsible for various SDLC tools specializing in all things DevOps. Before his current role, Zack worked at Goldman Sachs and IBM, where he focused on network automation. Zack's key interests lie in reliability best practices, scalable systems, and hiking.

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