Building Actionable Code Ownership

Monday, December 07, 2020 - 3:00 pm3:20 pm

Anika Mukherji, Pinterest


Code ownership is critical as your codebase grows and the company scales. SREs need to have an answer to the question, “Who owns this piece of code?” However, implementing an ownership framework involves a tactical dance of technical solutions, communications, and client contracts, as defining and enforcing ownership is a tricky task. Come learn how Pinterest designed a scalable ownership framework for its API Platform, then applied it to over 1700 API endpoints, involving over 70 teams across the engineering organization.

Anika Mukherji, Pinterest

Anika joined Pinterest a year and a half ago as a backend performance engineer. She then transitioned into a new role as the single SRE for the Core Product organization at Pinterest, responsible for the reliability of the "Pinner" facing products. She works closely with both platform and product teams, acting as a liaison between infrastructure and product. Anika is passionate about learning and serving customers well, whether they be those of the Pinterest product or other engineers.

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