Tradeoffs in Resiliency: Managing the Burden of Data Recoverability

Friday, 31 August, 2018 - 11:0011:45

Kristina Bennett, Google


Almost every service has critical data somewhere, whether it's large-scale blob storage or minimalistic index tables or just the service's own production configuration. The data's sizes and shapes and storage technologies vary widely; and yet, the possibilities for data loss remain, and the same obstacles to recovery consistently appear. This talk reviews the practices that can prepare a service for practical data recoveries, highlights some of the hidden dangers waiting to ambush a recovery attempt, and examines some of the risk/cost tradeoffs that inevitably dominate data integrity coverage, based on the lessons of five years of data integrity tooling and consulting across Google.

Kristina Bennett, Google

Kristina Bennett has worked at Google since 2009. Although she recently joined the Customer Reliability Engineering team in their mission to apply the principles and lessons of SRE at Google towards customers, prior to that she spent five years working on data integrity across Google.

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