From Sysadmins to (almost) Flying Unicorns

Tuesday, 10 October, 2023 - 11:0011:40

Guillaume Hérail and Gilberto Müller, Sony Interactive Entertainment


It's 2023 and companies still struggle to make the switch to an SRE organization and the definition of such a team usually varies from one team to another. Our company is no stranger to this issue but managed to find ways to improve the situation. Our talk focuses on how we improved the culture in our organization by starting as a system administration/operations team to a fully included SRE team, we will review what we did to improve the culture in our organization as well as improving the overall reliability of our services.

Guillaume Hérail, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Guillaume is a french SRE lost in Germany, desperately trying to learn German. He lives in Berlin and has been working for PlayStation for the past 5 years and counting. In a past life, Guillaume used to be a cop but now prefers to chase bugs and improve our Cloud Gaming service reliability with a strong focus on Observability!

Gilberto Müller, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Gilberto started his career as a SysAdmin, serendipitously stumbled upon the Site Reliability Engineering domain that was basically what he has been doing his whole career, but without the tooling or recognition. Gilberto loves the (for him perpetual) barbecue season, lives in Berlin, Germany with his family, works for Sony for 2.5 years and was a fan of LISA, long live LISA!

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