eBPF Superpowers for SRE

Tuesday, 10 October, 2023 - 09:0009:45

Liz Rice, Isovalent


eBPF is a kernel technology that is enabling a new generation of infrastructure tooling, especially for observability, security, and connectivity - but why should SREs care? This talk explains what eBPF is, why its popularity has exploded in recent years, and why it's such a powerful platform.

You'll leave this talk with a mental model for what eBPF is as a platform, and ideas of useful open source eBPF-based projects that can help you solve various performance, connectivity, and security problems.

Liz Rice, Isovalent

Liz Rice is Chief Open Source Officer with eBPF specialists Isovalent, creators of the Cilium cloud native networking, security and observability project. She is the author of Container Security, and Learning eBPF, both published by O'Reilly, and she sits on the CNCF Governing Board, and on the Board of OpenUK. She was Chair of the CNCF's Technical Oversight Committee in 2019-2022, and Co-Chair of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in 2018.

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