You Depend on DNS, This Is How It Works and You Won't Believe It

Wednesday, 11 October, 2023 - 15:1015:30

Philip Rowlands, Jane Street


What's everyone's favourite federated, distributed, eventually consistent, caching key-value store? That's right: DNS.

This live demo will answer such questions as Why DNS?, Why DNSSEC?, Why Punycode?, Why did a minor Chrome feature DDOS the root servers?, and Aren't 5 TLDs enough?

Come and marvel at how DNS has survived and adapted over the last 40 years. Yes, 40.

Philip Rowlands, Jane Street

Philip Rowlands has been an SRE since before he really understood what it was. Because he doesn't scale, he relies on software for leverage. He has worked over the years on automated telephony, Google Production SRE, Mainframe Linux, and more recently for various financial firms, all of which used DNS. He cannot juggle.

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