How SRE Makes Electric Vehicles

Thursday, March 23, 2023 - 9:00 am9:45 am

Adam Shake, Rivian


Having made the move from traditional software engineering companies to the world of electric vehicle manufacturing, I've been asked to apply the principles of SRE to this complex and human intense environment. This talk is to present the challenges of applying Automation, CI/CD, Observability, and the language of SLOs to a complex production line involving everything from humans to robots. I will discuss how we apply software principles to building a physical thing, and how we have solved some complex challenges at a massive scale.

Adam Shake, Rivian

Adam is a high energy, passionate early adopter of many things IT. He loves to help his team, and others at Rivian, see the vision of the future and get them excited about where we're heading. He believes in what DevOps and SRE can do for a world class technology company!

Adam has 20+ years of experience in web application development, and he has spent the last few deeply involved in DevOps and SRE. Adam leads a team of incredible SREs at Rivian and couldn't be happier!

Outside of work, he suffers from 'Multiple Hobby Syndrome'—much to his wife's dismay—and enjoys hunting, fishing, and the outdoors, singing with the sound of the Illinois barbershop chorus and his Barbershop Quartet, working out, 3D printing, tabletop gaming and a ton more. Adam's family includes his Wife (mentioned above), 11 year old son, and 6 year old twins.

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