Incident Commanders to Incident Analysts: How We Got Here

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - 3:55 pm4:40 pm

Vanessa Huerta Granda and Emily Ruppe,


You may have heard that the skills required for software development are different from those required for incident management. And that is very much true. Furthermore, the skills required for incident response are different from those for incident analysis even though most organizations expect the same folks to do both jobs.

We are two recovering incident managers turned incident analysts (though we still dabble in the occasional outage). After a combined 20 years of IC experience as well as owning the processes at our individual organizations, we are here to tell you why the fun doesn't end after the incident has been resolved. In fact, true change happens when we are able to look back into what happened during the incident and treat it as a learning opportunity.

Vanessa Huerta Granda,

Vanessa is a Solutions Engineer at Jeli helping companies make the most of their incidents. In 2021 she co-authored Howie: The Post-Incident Guide, an in-depth explanation for how tech organizations can learn from incidents. Previously, she led Resilience Engineering at Enova where she focused on their Production Incident process, learning from incidents, and leading the on-call rotation of Incident Commanders. Vanessa's favorite part about incidents is getting to gossip with everyone.

Emily Ruppe,

Emily Ruppe is a Solutions Engineer at whose greatest accomplishment was once being referred to as "the Bob Ross of incident reviews." Previously Emily has written hundreds of status posts, incident timelines and analyses at SendGrid, and was a founding member of the Incident Command team at Twilio. She's written on human centered incident management and facilitating incident reviews. Emily believes the most important thing in both life and incidents is having enough snacks.

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