Measuring Real-Life Latency of the Internet: A Netflix Story

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 4:25 pm4:45 pm

Thiara Ortiz, Netflix


Any time a Netflix member sits down, reclines in their chair and turns on their TV to Netflix, there's a moment of truth. It's an opportunity to deliver a spectacular service with amazing quality of experience. Misses, errors, or high latency that prevent individuals from streaming, as a result of ISP configuration changes, code deployment, or catastrophic fallback, result in an impact on how our service is perceived. This talk will go over how we have been investing in data analysis tools to make our jobs as SREs more efficient and our members happier. We want folks who attend this presentation to learn about t-digest and how they can apply this to supercharge their insights.

Thiara Ortiz, Netflix

Thiara has worked at some of the largest internet companies in the world, Meta and Netflix. During her time at Meta, Thiara found a passion for distributed systems and bringing new hardware into production. Always curious to explore new solutions to complex problems, Thiara developed Fleet Scanner, internally known as Lemonaid, to perform memory, compute, and storage benchmarks on each Meta server in production. This service runs on over 5 million servers and continues to be utilized at Meta. Since Meta, Thiara has been working at Netflix as a Senior CDN Reliability engineer. Her focus is primarily on resilience and quality of experience for members streaming from Open Connect. When incidents occur and Netflix's systems do not behave as expected, Thiara can be found working and engaging the necessary teams to remediate these issues.

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