Beacon: Intelligent Latency-Aware and Load Shedding Service Routing

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 11:05 am11:50 am

Jason Griggs and Huajun Qin, Morgan Stanley


At large-scale organizations where a system of record (SOR) is kept in relational databases, database replication is commonly used to provide read-only copies for resilience and performance purposes. Most data queries are directed to replicated databases in an effort to relieve the load from primary database servers.

Due to inherent replication delays, returning up-to-date information to customers is a significant challenge.

Our framework, Beacon, was conceived and delivered in response to the obstacle of guaranteeing up-to-date information to customers with intelligent routing of services to either read-only replicas or primary data servers.

Jason Griggs, Morgan Stanley

Jason has had a varied career working in multiple fields of IT. He is tenacious in his quest to improve process, efficiency, and resiliency wherever he goes. Jason's leadership and attention to detail has helped to deliver a number of key projects to production.

Huajun Qin, Morgan Stanley

Qin has worked as an enterprise architect for over 25 years in multiple companies. He was the leading Web Services architect and a distinguished engineer at E*Trade Financial. Qin is passionate about building evolutionary architectures that stand the test of time.

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