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    Panel: SRE ManagersSREcon16
    Terraform at AdobeSREcon16Kelvin Jasperson
    The Art of Performance MonitoringSREcon16Brian Smith
    Transforming Tier 1 Caterpillars to ButterfliesSREcon16Nina Mushiana
    Avoiding Cascading Failures at eBay?SREcon16Craig Fender, Ravindra Punati
    Less Alarming Alerts!SREcon16Robert Treat
    Shaping Reality to Shape Outcomes: Making SRE Work with Uber GrowthSREcon16Tom Croucher
    Panel: Who/What Is SRE?SREcon16
    Performance Checklists for SREsSREcon16Brendan Gregg
    Moving Large Workload from a Public Cloud to an OpenStack Private Cloud: Is It Really Worth It?SREcon16Nicolas Brousse
    The Evolution of Global Traffic Routing and FailoverSREcon16Aaron Heady
    Privacy Reliability Engineering: Looking at Privacy through the Lens of SRESREcon16Amber Yust
    Stepping Up to ScaleSREcon16
    Finding the Order in ChaosSREcon16
    SRE at a Start-Up: Lessons from LinkedInSREcon16Craig Sebenik
    Mapping a Service-oriented ArchitectureSREcon15 EuropePeter Bourgon
    Building A Billion User Load BalancerSREcon15 EuropePatrick Shuff
    Signatures, Patterns, and Trends: Timeseries Data Mining at EtsySREcon15 EuropeAndrew Clegg
    Infrastructure Kata and Moving a Large Enterprise to the CloudSREcon15 EuropeTomas Doran
    Bad Machinery— Managing Interrupts Under LoadSREcon15 EuropeDave O'Connor
    Prometheus: A Next-Generation Monitoring System (Workshop)SREcon15 EuropeJulius Volz, Björn Rabenstein
    A Scalable and Resilient Microservice Environment with Apache Mesos and Apache AuroraSREcon15 EuropeFlorian Pfeiffer
    Configuration Pinocchio: The Lies Plainly Seen and the Quest to Be a Real DisciplineSREcon15 EuropeAndre Masella
    Facebook Cache Invalidation PipelineSREcon15 EuropeMelita Mihaljevic
    Going Off the Rails: Infrastructure Outage PlanningSREcon15 EuropeMatt Provost